A Hillarious Tale

When she was about 14, Hillary Clinton says, she wrote to NASA volunteering for astronaut training.

NASA’s reply was simple and definitive: No girls.

True, things are better now. But it’s still no fat birds with glasses……

22 thoughts on “A Hillarious Tale”

  1. She was born in 47 and yet there have been American women born before her who became astronauts. They must’ve not been the letter writing types.

  2. This story has surfaced before. If Clinton ever received such a letter from NASA, she has not produced a copy of it.

    Given the numerous documented incidents of Clinton’s simply making things up about trivial incidents like this (she also falsely claimed she was turned down by the Marines; that she evaded sniper fire when she got off a helicopter; that she was named for Sir Edmund Hillary; that she and Bill left the White House “dead broke” et al) I’m highly skeptical.

    I’ll believe her about this if and only if she (or NASA) produces a copy of the letter she says she received.

  3. There’s a letter written to a would-be female astronaut in 1970, which says “the exact time when we would seriously consider women is indefinite…”.

    It’s easy to imagine that a similar letter written in the early 60s would be less encouraging.

  4. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Really? Someone at NASA wrote something that illiterate?

    It’s easy to imagine a lot of things. Doesn’t mean they ever fucking happened.

  5. The Inimitable Steve

    Sounds like bollocks, even for the early 60’s. An American government agency would have a PR department to send out nice form letter replies to children.

    And you can tell Clinton was lying, because her lips were moving.

  6. Bloke in Costa Rica

    It has to be said that the idea of shooting Hillary into space is an attractive one. Sadly, with current rocket technology, arranging a Sun-intercepting trajectory for a payload that massive exceeds the Δv we can easily obtain.

  7. @PaulB

    Remember when Stephen Colbert’s satirical persona proclaimed that what mattered was not truth, but “truthiness”, and the Left howled with laughter? Halcyon days, eh?

  8. We’re talking about Hillary Clinton. They told her she was too fucking young. She decided it was cos she was a girl.

    If it ever happened.

  9. Another NASA snafu.

    “I’m sorry Miss Rodham, we appear to have lost the re-entry protocols…”

  10. There is some indirection in her accusation as well. When she was 14, all astronauts were military test pilots. All military pilots were male. She couldn’t be an astronaut because she couldn’t be a test pilot. And because she’s a dick.

  11. I hope that when people go and vote for Hillary with their vaginas, that they disinfect the screen of the voting machine afterwards.

  12. So . . . Clinton, born in ’47, wrote NASA – which had been in existence all of three years and had just barely put the first American in space that year – at age 14 in 1961 looking for information on admissions? To a program that was only accepting the top pilots from the Navy/AF?

    Right. It was ‘NASA isn’t taking girls’ that stopped her. Not the needing 4 more years to reach 18, another 4 years in college and another 8+ years of competitive flying experience – including test piloting and continuing university education – which would have taken her to 1977 before NASA would have even looked at her.

  13. BiCR: a couple of close passes of Jupiter would sort the Δv. However would anyone want to loft the necessary life-support required before she emulates Disaster Area’s stunt ship?

  14. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Tractor Gent: I favour firing her out to around the orbit of Neptune where it’s easier to kill the angular momentum and then letting her free-fall in for thirty years or so but, as you say, life support would be tricky. There’d be no fun if she’d expired before she got there.

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