A little economic oddity

I needed a slide that had something to do with economic planning for an illustration to a piece elsewhere.

OK, so, Google Images search for “economic planning”. And a good 50% or so of the images there were referencing India.

India’s GDP per capita is some $1,500 a year or so.


5 thoughts on “A little economic oddity”

  1. India famously has lots of bureaucrats. Bureaucrats need to keep looking busy: hence all those five year plans.

  2. I am mildly curious and google didn’t give me an answer. How long were the terms of British colonial governors?

    Five year plans are ubiquitous today. That can’t have always been the case. I am curious if the first one was because five sounded good or if there was previous structure that used the same time frame.

  3. Your google-fu is weak young Padwan. Try “colonial governors of India”. Wikipedia gives a good list.

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