All sounds good

First it was the Beatles, now Motown classics are to be re-recorded by stars for a new Netflix children’s show aimed at reaching out to parents tired of listening to saccharine children’s songs.

Hot on the heels of forthcoming animation series Beat Bugs, which features modern renditions of the Beatles classics sung by artists including Rod Stewart, Robbie Williams and James Corden, comes another show from the same creator, which will be based on the songs of Motown artists such as Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye and the Jackson 5.

Seen a few of the trailers (hey, who wouldn’t on hearing of this?) and it’s all rather fun. Not entirely convinced the covers are better (Rod doing Sgt Pepper would be fun to hear but I can’t find it) but you know, better than Inky Tinky or whatever the Teletubbies songs were.

One complaint though. The animation of the mouths for the characters who are supposedly singing is terrible. Having actually been involved in a project that worked on this, marginally at least, I know it’s difficult. But, but no, more effort should have been expended there. It is possible to get it right.

And with Motown, really important question. Who are they going to use as the backing band? The Funk Brothers are still largely available…..

And if they are, if they can have just the one moment that is this at 3.35:

I’ve said this before and no doubt I’ll say it again. But at 3.35 and just following there’s that shit eating grin of being with a fucking hot band and knowing that you’re absolutely nailing it.

Just absolutely nothing quite like it. And if Netflix manages to coax that sort of work, even if it’s only for a few moments over the 50 songs, then they’ll have done well.

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  1. Having kids of my own, I can tell you now: there is no reason to feed them kids music. They get regular stuff just fine. At various points in the last year they’ve demanded The Commodores (Brick House), Donna Summer (I feel Love), The Beatles, Public Image (although they thought the song was called “This is not a Lobster”, which amused me no end), the Beach Boys, and -at one stage- Verdi ( that last one passed relatively quickly, fortunately).

    It’s the same as food, there’s no reason for them to prefer sugary shite if they have a good mix of regular stuff offered in the first place.

  2. Here’s a shit-kicking smile and really nailing it.

    Lorrie Morgan and the Beach Boys, Don’t worry baby. Don’t miss the intro. She’s pretty fit too, especially in the second part when she’s in a nicely fitting dress. Oh yes:)

  3. Shit-hot bands recreating rock classics? If you can’t get the original line-ups then I don’t think anything beats the Fab Faux’s live recreation of side 2 Abbey Road. Jaw dropping stuff, and makes me love the album even more.

    Brian Wilson’s backing band are pretty spectacular as well.

  4. ” there’s that shit eating grin of being with a fucking hot band and knowing that you’re absolutely nailing it.”

    Yes. And compare Beverly Knight singing Twist and Shout (it’s on youtube: the grin at 2:10 and the applause at then end- everybody know it was good!)

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