“This would break open the chest of secrecy that exists in UK tax havens – places including the British Virgin Islands, which featured heavily in both the BHS affair and the Panama Papers.”


5 thoughts on “Anyone?”

  1. Bloke in Costa Rica

    “Unilaterally abolishing territorital autonomy is a strange thing to advocate as a Quaker.”

    As a mouthbreathing wannabe Reichsleiter it makes perfect sense.

  2. I’m fatter than that, wrong town and I’m in Portugal this week anyway…..

    But fun story all the same. Czech pubs are fun places. Pilsener Urquell at £1 a 500 ml. More local beer (say, Brezniak, where I hang out) about half that price.

    Prerov though, dangerously close to Slovakia. Bit more, umm, rural, even though it’s not actually rural.

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