Blimey, bit forgetful isn’t it?

Southern rail timetable ‘loses 350 trains a day’

Odd to think of a timetable as being like me when I put my glasses down but there we go.

6 thoughts on “Blimey, bit forgetful isn’t it?”

  1. It’s less than funny when you’re out on an evening 40 miles from home and the last 3 trains of the night have been cancelled with no notice. When your drinking buddy is angry because she thinks you did it on purpose, either just to piss her off or for the usual, nefarious reason.

    The look of hurt and betrayal was worse than the stress of nearly missing flights on other occasions.

    “This latest savage attack on passenger services by GTR is nothing to do with staff sickness…”

    Complete shit. Every cancelled or missed train has been directly due to staff sickness (according to the actual working conductors, drivers etc that I spoke to).

    “The RMT union has denied claims high levels of staff sickness is unofficial industrial action.”
    Well they would. They’re not going to fess up to (probably illegal) industrial action under another name, after their strong arm tactics failed earlier this year;

    “The continuing attempt to blame the front-line workforce for this crisis is a cynical and cowardly ploy that will not wash with the travelling public.”
    True. I’m the traveling public and I know its the union, not the workforce.

    It’s annoying there are fewer services, especially for commuters (not me), but having reliability is deemed more important.

  2. Bloke no Longet in Austria

    I have a complicated journey to and from Gatwick. getting there is fine, or course, because I choose when I want to leave, but getting home is usually at the caprice of the airline, especially when it dumps its passengers at the wrong terminal.

    But I had a strange experience a few weeks back during a previous bout of “illness” by Southern guards.

    Thanks to cancellations and delays, I caught all the connections that I normally miss and got home much quicker than usual.

  3. Bloke in Costa Rica

    With luck, in a few years the idea of ‘train driver’ as a job category will be viewed as one of those quaint métiers that no-one does any more, like wool-carding or charcoal burning.

  4. Not unless the unions are sorted out.
    Vancouver for example has run driverless trains for over 25 years, there are some field staff (station attendants) wandering the system, but they don’t even have 1 per station let alone per train.
    Same system in London all the trains have ‘train captains’ as the union wouldn’t allow unmanned trains

  5. F’ing train companies.
    F’ing rail unions.
    F’ing lazy, overpaid, ignorant, overweight rail staff.
    F’ing useless MPs letting this shit happen to their constituents for years on end (hi Nicholas Soames, that means you!)
    But mostly f’ing lazy, overpaid, ignorant, overweight rail staff.

  6. When I were a lad I wanted to be an engine driver. My Dad took me aside to advise that pressing a button and waggling a lever was not a Proper Job.

    My boy wanted to be a pilot. I told him that by the time he qualified the notion of having a Human Being at the controls would make all the passengers reach for the emergency slides.

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