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Boris is Foreign Secretary

25 thoughts on “Boris is Foreign Secretary”

  1. Why do Labour female MPs look like prize fighters or wicked witches of the north and if not sound like them?

  2. Not as embarrassing as making Johnson Foreign Secretary!

    (but I can’t view the link from this PC)

  3. Angela Eagle – who aspires to be Leader of the Opposition (and hence maybe one day Prime Minister) – in disbelief? I think that’s called zero self awareness!

    Fun times…

  4. Am I missing something here?

    Wasn’t she just crowing that Boris had aimed for the stars and achieved nothing?

    Only to be proved wrong?

    Oh well, I suppose her childish response saved the day.

  5. Angela poor Angela
    ” they’ve never actually ….”

    Looks like the reaction of somone whose prepared off-the cuff remark is now insta-wrong and totally inappropriate. Quickly followed by “what am I going to say now?” look.

    Don’t worry Angela Boris gets into this situation all the time, and its usually the ad libbing that gets you into most trouble, so bullet dodged. But is also fun and what set’s him apart from the usual poli-bots. Not that I think you are one of those,,, you did tear up on TV after all. But as a media performer you are not very good, and its hard to watch you and think that you really believe that a) you will get rid of Corbyn b) if you do you will lead the labour party for very long. c) if you do make it to the next GE that you will win.

  6. More important I think is the appointment of David Davis as SS for Brexit. Not just because he’ll be good in that role but because it means we’ll have someone who’s solid on civil liberties in a senior cabinet post.

  7. Antisthenes, I think a lot of them start out quite shagworthy (even Polly, if you want to google), but 40-50 years of lemon-faced disapproval, shrewish nagging and being utterly convinced of your own rightness in the face of all the evidence leaves you with a face like a punctured tyre (google Polly again).

  8. One of the impressionists on “Dead Ringers” described Angela Eagle as looking like “a poor cold dog at a rescue centre”….

  9. All the idiots calling bj a coward not 5 mins ago for not running for pm, are now saying he will be a disaster as FS!

    The stupid, it hurts.

  10. John Square in Athens

    Boris as FS has raised a few eyebrows here in Greece, mainly because they thought he’d be PM.

    May is getting good reviews by the locals- as far as they are concerned Thatcher’s back. Quite why the Greeks like Thatcher, I have no idea.

    As a Grexit aside- every Greek I’ve met wants to know about Brexit, and whether it’s a worry for us personally. When they hear the news that the sky’s not fallen in, there’s food in the shops and the banks are still open, they all start saying “Maybe we’ll be next”…

  11. “as far as they are concerned Thatcher’s back”

    I was on a big video conference yesterday with all of our offices (global company, but mainly Europe) and heard the exact same thing.

    Good to see Dave Davis getting the Brexit brief.

  12. Delingpole, assessing May’s appointments:

    Boris Johnson. Foreign Secretary … I personally believe he’ll be great – but if nothing else you’ve got to admit, his appointment is truly a piece of top trolling by Britain’s new Prime Minister …

    Already, I’m enjoying greatly the wailing and gnashing of teeth it has caused among the wankerati…

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