Boy George is offering speeches for money, not giving them

George Osborne was the biggest casualty of last week’s Cabinet reshuffle. The former Chancellor was hoping for, if not expecting, the consolation prize of Foreign Secretary.
But after six years presiding over the Exchequer, he was brutally sacked by Theresa May and consigned to the backbenches, where his salary was reduced overnight from £134,500 per annum to £74,962.
So it’s perhaps no surprise to learn that he has wasted no time in getting on the lucrative speakers’ circuit — his name has just popped up on the roster of luminaries at the All American Speakers agency. It seems the architect of Project Fear won’t fare too badly in this post-Brexit world despite all his doom-mongering.
His fellow speakers at the agency include Larry Page, CEO of Google, Microsoft founder Bill Gates, American Vogue editor Anna Wintour and actor Stephen Fry, who all command top fees of at least £76,000 ($100,000).

Got to find a willing punter or two yet…..

13 thoughts on “Boy George is offering speeches for money, not giving them”

  1. It is surprising that Osborne isn’t yet plugged in to this usual source of post-hoc bribery. It’s almost as if the NWO are disappointed in their boy. Then again, he didn’t deliver the goods.

    Maybe he won’t even get a £1M advance from a certain publishing firm for his memoirs.

    Back to folding the towels, then, George.

  2. @TF pols wait until they are out of office before cashing in.

    I’m sure that Osborne will find punters and will end up on the boards of some big banks and/or private equity firms.

  3. I’d rather hear George than Stephen Fry. I enjoyed the description of the latter’s public persona as being a stupid man’s idea of what a clever man is like.

  4. Microsoft founder Bill Gates

    He was on my newsfeed this morning saying he had great hope for Africa’s development because they have a lot of youngsters. He’s obviously not encountered any of Nigeria’s notorious Area Boys.

  5. TN

    Confused – does Mister Gates believe that other continents don’t have youngsters, or that Africa didn’t have them before?

    I must admit I had Africa’s problems down to quite different issues.

    (and isn’t its smartest youth doing all it can to try and move north?)

  6. From the House of Commons Information Office Factsheet M6

    Severance Pay
    Ministers and other paid office holders who receive a Ministerial salary are entitled to a severance payment when they leave office. Ministers who leave office are granted a severance payment, which generally equals three months of their annual ministerial salary.

    And the Telegraph reported in Sep 2012 a new figure of £250,000.

    With brutality like that, who needs kindness?

  7. Bloke in Costa Rica

    I reckon George could get a few bookings as an after-dinner speaker, as long as guests were allowed to throw rolls at him and jeer.

  8. as long as guests were allowed to throw rolls at him and jeer.

    Should throw pasties at him, to remind the twat of one of his many budget clusterfucks.

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