Chippy bastards, the Welsh, aren’t they?

Poles are exploited at work in a way Welsh people would not put up with, First Minister Carwyn Jones has said.

22 thoughts on “Chippy bastards, the Welsh, aren’t they?”

  1. Cannot remember whether it was Dr. Johnson or PG Wodehouse who said that it’s not difficult to distinguish a Scotsman from a ray of sunshine.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    But they are not asking the important questions – should we be allowed to kill a Pole if we find him outside in Dorset after 11 pm while carrying a bow?

  3. Tim, that’s a Plum line: It is never difficult to distinguish between a Scotsman with a grievance and a ray of sunshine

  4. “Exploited”=getting off their arse and going and doing a job.

    The problem with Wales outside of the M4 area is that it’s basically full of the people who didn’t leave when the mining and heavy industry closed down. You’ll always find stories about how grim the results of the pits closing down were because journalists go back to the villages and interview who’s left decades later. Huge numbers of people left, basically, people who got off their arse and found work.

  5. The Poles are here because it’s the best option anywhere in the EU.
    This should serve as a warning to those who think there is a bright future in the EU.

  6. Anecdata I’ve received is that if you’re a native working for a Polish-run business, expect to be treated little better than a negro in 1950s Alabama.

  7. I do smile Whenever Old Holborn mentions the Welsh he always includes a still of the Morlocks from the 1960’s film The Time Machine. (Maybe a West Country thing.)

  8. P.G Woodhouse. “It’s not hard to tell the difference between a ray of sunshine and a Scotsman with a grudge”. 🙂

  9. The Inimitable Steve

    The English are better at being miserable than the Scots.

    See: Morrissey, Jilted John and Radiohead


  10. As to who does miserable better Steve, I think the jury’s out.

    I would offer Ally MacLeod in Argentina 1978, but I think you would perhaps top that with Roy Hodgson in France 2016.

    Iceland FFS!
    [suppressed uncontrollable sniggering]

  11. The Inimitable Steve

    BraveFart – They are a bunch of racists. I’m wearing a safety pin sellotaped to a McCowan’s Highland Toffee bar in solidarity with you ginger-pubed drunks.

  12. P.G Woodhouse. “It’s not hard to tell the difference between a ray of sunshine and a Scotsman with a grudge”

    Surely these days the ‘with a grudge’ part is superfluous?

  13. “Every country has idiots and Wales has them as well.”

    But for most countries the idiots constitute a tiny minority, often to be found in and around government, as opposed to the overwhelming majority.

    Ce soir, je suis Belge.

  14. The Scots are the smiliest, happiest people

    cf. Andy Murray, even when he wins he sounds fucking miserable.

  15. “As to who does miserable better…”

    The definitive picture of misery is that one of Alex Salmond in the back of the car when he knew he’d lost the IndyRef. Can’t be beaten.

  16. Journalist to Gareth bale – what has Wales down differently to England
    Bale – qualify for the quarter finals (make that semi’s now)
    Journalist – I meant on the pitch
    Bale – qualify for the quarter finals

  17. “There are still parts of Wales where the only concession to gaiety is a striped shroud”.

    Gwyn Thomas, “Punch” 18, June 1958.

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