Demented Porridge Wog Is Demented

Scotland could stay in the UK and the EU, while the rest of the UK leaves the bloc, Nicola Sturgeon has said.

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  1. The Meissen Bison

    If England and Wales possibly with or without Northern Ireland were all to leave the UK and the UK (Un-united Kingdom?) then consisting of Scotland alone were to continue as a member of the EU, what would the UK budget contribution to the EU amount to?

    Would Scotland be obliged to honour other obligations and responsibilities?

    Would Scotland have a permanent seat on the Security Council?

    Would it be permissible to throw overripe fruit at cars venturing south of the border with their pathetic little Ecosse stickers?

  2. The Inimitable Steve

    Ecks – probably nothing. This sounds like panic-induced pishtalking from Gnasher. And the SNP aren’t noted for their sober realism, but this would make even Walter Mitty wince.

    Independence in Europe and, er, Britain!

    Ally MacLeod had more attainable ambitions in 1978.

    We’re leaving the EU and Scotland’s coming with us. Because they’re our hat.

  3. It’s not as mad as it first appears. there are already three Crown Dependencies and a dozen or so overseas territories that come under the UK banner but are not part of the EU.

    What you would need to do is redefine England & Wales as an autonomous jurisdiction within the United Kingdom that is not subject to EU law.

  4. Sandman, yeah but there are no Jersey MPs in parliament. If this is going to be the solutioin we need devolution max and no Scottish MPs in Westminster, and if we want to pass a uk law it goes to both parliaments.

  5. The Inimitable Steve

    Sandman – Narp. Cos the EU is comprised of Member States. The UK is Brexiting the EU.

    If we went through the insane legal and political contortions required to keep Scotland in the EU and UK while the rest of the UK leaves (and why would we?) who would pay Scotland/UK’s contributions? Who’d represent them on the Council of Ministers? Who’d negotiate and sign amendments to the Treaties? Etc. Etc.

    There’s zero upside to England in this mess, and no great reason for the EU to accept it either.

    Nicola Sturgeon is more likely to win Miss World than get her way on this.

  6. The EU is run on laws, and laws can be made up as you go along, so it’s perfectly possible for the EU to rewrite it’s membership rules to accommodates things. They did when the UK acceeded to allow the Crown Dependencies to be inside on the outside.

    Though, I still haven’t managed to find out exactly what it is that Scotland wants that they perceive being in the EU is the only way to get it.

    Inability to control immigration? Why is that perceived as a good thing? Having your laws over-ruled by foreigners? I thought the SNP was against that. Having an economy and health service so decrepid that it only manages to stagger on by extracting huge amounts of foreigners out of foreign economies and health services. Isn’t that the policies of imperialism? I thought we were meant to have put that sort of thing behind us.

  7. Give her some credit, this would be a magnificent addition to Britain’s Byzantine Constitutional arrangements. Even better if some of the Islands opt for something different.

    The problem I see is that 300-odd years on from Union, there’s been too much of a merger.

    London is the capital of the UK, not of England. Those who bang on about England subsidising Scotland forget that. So maybe we could divide London as well?

  8. “that come under the UK banner”: what a brilliant obfuscation. But you either are a part of the UK or you are not – and they are not. Metaphorical banners have bugger all to do with it.

  9. I look forward to the day when England devolves farm subsidies ( if they are to exist at all ) and fisheries policies to local authorities, but Scotland insists that these are managed as part of some common framework agreed in Brussels. There would be a few people in the Borders council offices looking jealously at those in Northumberland if that happens.

  10. Are the SNP the first nationalist party in history who demand independence and then the immediate discarding of that independence?

  11. Bloke in North Dorset

    “What would Scotland gain from being in the EU with the rest of the UK free from it?”

    They get to keep the Barnet payments and EU subsidies.

  12. It is true that we up here are the head of the UK. Where my sister lives in Norfolk is the bum of the UK, the Thames is the arse crack, London the anal sphincter and Wales the beer belly

  13. Not mad at all.
    The strategy is to so piss off the English that Scotland gets thrown out of the Union.

  14. My big problem is that May has been to visit the demented women and then has said that Article 50 won’t start until we have some agreement with Scotland. That’s one hell of a way to prevent Brexit starting.

  15. BraveFart, you forgot the West Country as the bell-end and the north west coast as the Bristols.

    On your view, London’s advanced, though. Used to be the Great Wen. Cancer.

  16. Hang on here… So Scotland votes to stay in the UK. Then the UK votes to leave the EU. What more response does the SNP need other than “democracy can be a bitch, you should try it some time”.

    In other news, I suspect that Pat isn’t far off the ball here – the SNP are trying to piss the English off so much that they kick Scotland out the union.

  17. There are far too many splinter groups in existing EU states for the EU to consider giving wee Scotland a seperate membership and I don’t see any Commissioners opening that can of snails.

    So, Nic, go your own way. Perfectly possible if they can borrow 21 Billion Euros a year ad infinitum.

  18. “I don’t see any Commissioners opening that can of snails.”

    The Commissioners might wish to; but several heads of government would veto it.

  19. “I have already said that I won’t be triggering Article 50 until I think that we have a UK approach and objectives for negotiations – I think it is important that we establish that before we trigger Article 50.”

    I don’t think that gives Scotland a veto, to me all it means is that Theresa May is satisfied that Scotland has had an opportunity to put forward its views, if Scotland disagrees then tough. And it’s reasonable to put a time limit on it.

    I think, too, that Sturgeon has to go along with it or she will lose face, both of them.

  20. So Article 50’s like a starting gun and as soon as it goes off the politicians and their flunkies sprint to the negotiating table and negotiate like crazy for two years? Because that’s what it looks like, if you insist on having your negotiating stance agreed before invoking. Otherwise, send the SMS to Juncker and begin the negotiations when ready. They’ve got two years and it won’t start the next day anyway.

  21. Didn’t Greenland, which is part of Denmark, leave the EU?

    Can England and Wales leave the EU while “the UK” remains in the EU?

  22. Didn’t Greenland, which is part of Denmark, leave the EU?

    IIRC Greenland won independence from Denmark and then in turn from the EU.

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