Dennis would feel fine about the end of the world

Endless repeats of the Goon Show …: How the BBC prepared for the end of the world

14 thoughts on “Dennis would feel fine about the end of the world”

  1. “IT’S A LIE! We’re just good friends! Abdul, open the window and throw another woman on the fire, this one’s nearly gone out”

  2. “And the bunker in the countryside near Evesham was so secret that the 90 staff set to have been posted there were not even allowed to tell their wives.”

    90 BBC employees. Their wives probably didn’t know, but I expect the Soviets did.

  3. Bloodnok: What? It’s all lies! In any case, they never paid me! Is there no honesty? Do you know what happened to me last night?

    Moriarty: No.

    Bloodnok: Thank heaven for that!.

  4. Seagoon: Gad! What will you think of next?

    Bloodnok: Well, I think I’ll say I’m not staying on this ship. I’ve been beaten, flogged, keel-hauled, mutinied, tarred, hung from the yard-arm, lashed to the mast, and also an unpleasant incident east of the wind.

    Seagoon: But a sailor must expect these things!

    Bloodnok: Sailor? I’m a first-class passenger, sir!

  5. Henry: You get on baiting those elephant traps.

    Minnie: I don’t see the point of them, you know.

    Henry: What?

    Minnie: We’ve never caught one.

    Henry: That doesn’t mean we must stop trying, Min of mine. Think of the dangers! Supposing you came down one morning for a cream-strainer, and found an elephant in the larder, eh?

    Minnie: Well, I’ve never seen an elephant in the larder.

    Henry: That is because they’re hiding, Min of mine.

    Minnie: Where do elephants hide? Tell me that! Where do elephants hide, buddy?

    Henry: Well, I don’t know, Saxophone-Min, but it’s clear to me that they must hide somewhere. How else could they get away with it for so long?

  6. Bloodnok: I claim the South Pole in the name of Gladys Ploog of 13 The Sebastibal Villas, Sutton.

    Seagoon: Who is she, sir?

    Bloodnok: I don’t know, but obviously we’re doing her a big favour..

  7. Bloodnok: I’m lost, dear fellow, lost, completely lost. Me and the regiment were marching along, you know, and suddenly, quite by accident, me and the regimental funds took the wrong turning..

  8. Bloodnock to new recruits:

    “Open your wallets and say “Help yourself”

    Assembled recruits open wallets: “Help yourself”

    Bloodnock “Don’t mind if I do”.

  9. Bloodnok: I’m afraid my wife won’t be joining us

    Seagoon: Why not?

    Bloodnok: I’ve sewn her into the lining of my mattress.

    Seagoon: You fool Bloodnok, that’s mattress-cide!!

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