Some people do eventually learn.

Because PQE isn’t needed and isn’t good policy?

Because they’re not as pig stupid as you?


Or possibly the correct answer? Politicians are like the 19 year old boy telling the 16 year old bird with the big norks that of course they’ll respect her in the morning.

And what’s the betting that Ritchie doesn’t learn… birds with big norks do manage to? Despite being fucked over by the politicians of the Courageous State he’s still going to be pushing the Curajus State, isn’t he?

13 thoughts on “Diddums, eh?”

  1. Wrong kind of socialist again, I see. Never mind, given the gaping chasms of inconsistency Murphy skates across in his own ramblings, a few contradictions from politicians won’t make him lose any sleep.

  2. He’s hurting because it’s now obvious that the horse he backed has fucked him off (although he launched a book on the back of being the creator of Corbynomics). Or is it that his judgement is so poor he failed to see that Corbyn and co were nutters and doomed to fail? Either way he saw an opportunity for sales (via Amazon amongst others) of his latest excuse for big roll. His recent postings on the subject reveal a man totally at sea and conflicted. His obvious connections to the Labour Party brushed over in a thinly veiled attempt to maintain his funding. A total moron.

  3. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Well, as they say, if you’ve lost the terrorist-sympathising Communist bovver boy, who’ve you got left?

  4. Bloke in North Dorset

    “The complaining Mönster from Ely has only gone and linked to a parody twatter account”

    Poe’s law strikes again.

  5. Ritchie has given the quote in the expected fist typed blog in response:

    “He is not the economic adviser and never has been, because we doubted his judgment, unfortunately. He is a tax accountant, not an adviser. He is actually excellent on tax evasion and tax avoidance, but he leaves a lot to be desired on macroeconomic policy.”

    Too funny. Even McDonnell thinks Ritchie is an accountant and not an economist.

  6. “The great disappointment about John McDonnell is he won’t be the radical shadow chancellor we need. If he was and if his macroeconomic thinking was clearer then…”

    That’s another example of the Murphatollah’s take on how to win friends and influence people like the shadow chancellor. Arrogant, patronising, belligerent and egotistical, that latest post of his is delicious!

  7. “Second, he said I was never an adviser to Labour, not that he or Jeremy Corbyn ever said that last summer when it seemed they left the whole issue of economics to me and Jeremy specifically asked me to speak about the subject at three of his rallies. And it’s well known there was discussion of an appointment, but I decided I would rather be professor of practice in international political economy at City University instead, from where one of my close colleagues did sit on his advisory panel”

    Classic Walter Mitty

  8. I see his post is ‘closed to comments’. All just too funny. Having made a virtue out of his inability to debate with people who read this blog, deleting us and dismiss us as trolls, he has now found out what true online abuse really is.

    I’m sure he is desparately conflicted: there is his ludicrous desire to be an academic (the “who needs McDonnell” line). Then there is his need to keep his funders happy – built upon pleasing leftist union barons and political fund trustees. Then there is his media-whore need for publicity, which ran away unchecked last summer.

    The truth is he has burnt his bridges. He will have pissed off Unite and the PCS more than words can describe. The Momentum hard left will now forever see him as a traitor and a false friend (and for once their analysis will be spot on). He will need that academic career (I enjoyed writing that!) both for money and self-aggrandisment. And his comments will be switched off far more in the future

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