Doesn’t everyone forget it?

Some men die without ever knowing they had Alzheimer’s

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  1. Glen Campbell’s “I Won’t Miss You” is a heartbreaking song given the context of his advanced Alzheimer’s when it was recorded.

  2. I’ll at CLL (Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia) to that list. Mainly seen in the over 70’s except for the 10% who get it earlier. Post diagnosis you end up on watch and wait, just regular blood tests to monitor its progression, until such time chemo intervention may be required and a remission, all being well.
    It is a somewhat strange condition to live with, knowing its incurable but slow moving, and wondering if some more acute age related problem, heart or stroke, will see you off before it does.

  3. My Dad has CLL – he was diagnosed around 20 years ago, and I remember reading up on it at that time (I lived with a bunch of medical students) – the prognosis was around 10 years.

    So far (touch wood) he’s still doing well and just has to have regular blood tests (although he’s on a lot of medication – I think most of that is for his heart).

    I find things like Alzheimer’s really scary – I don’t want to lose who I am, and that seems intrinsically linked to my memories.

  4. I got in trouble once for answering the question “How can one avoid getting Alzheimers?” with “Die of cancer instead”

    I only extricated myself from it when folks agreed that was basically the choice once you get past a certain age

  5. “I find things like Alzheimer’s really scary ”
    Safer, then, to ensure something else sees you off first. Why I find all these admonitions to healthy living counterproductive.
    My ambition’s to succumb .to gunshot wounds in the bed of some bloke’s wife but I’m backing that up with a course on microlight flying

  6. If you have a generous defined-benefit pension, living longer means shovelling more dosh to your grandchildren.

    But if you have a defined-contribution pension, best die as early possible. (My accountant has a strange sense of humour.)

  7. When I was much younger I favoured the “Errol”, i.e. after a great deal of alcohol found dead in bed at the age of 50 by one’s16yo girlfriend. Past that opportunity years ago.

  8. Bloke in Costa Rica

    RlJ: if you’re going to die of excess alcohol, make sure it’s acute rather than chronic. Cirrhosis is no way to go. Go out in a blaze of glory, not yellow and in agony.

    John Brignell at NumberWatch made an excellent point (in the context of Daily Mail scare stories, but still apposite). If you have a scenario where 30% each of people die of cancer, heart disease and stroke and the remaining 10% die of Alzheimer’s, then if someone comes up with a drug that completely eliminates Alzheimer’s, one effect is to increase the risk of death from cancer, heart disease and stroke by 11%. You then get the DM headline “Drug X causes heart attacks”.

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