Fun buzzwords but really….

Archant’s chief content officer Matt Kelly has been appointed as launch editor of the title, and told BuzzFeed: “We are currently in an extraordinary period of time in the UK, with all of society seemingly in a state of flux and turmoil. I believe the 48 per cent who voted to Remain are not well served by the traditional press and think there is a clear opportunity for a newspaper people will want to read and carry The New European like a badge of honour.

“It will upset Michael Gove to hear that we value very highly expertise and have some of the world’s best brains in their areas writing for us. And it is also a politician-free zone. They are banned.”

The Independent claims that the “overriding theme of the first issue will be traditional media” and how it “just didn’t live up to expectations through the campaign stage of the referendum.”

Pro-EU media twats writing about media twats.

Expecting big sales are we?

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  1. “I believe the 48 per cent who voted to Remain are not well served by the traditional press”

    Is he talking about the traditional press that were pushing the Remain narrative is hard as they possibly could? The traditional press that are now grasping any possible straws to stop Brexit happening? That traditional press?

  2. It sounds like the idea is to sell people a thing for a few issues that they can carry around, signalling their virtue.

  3. @BiW, this is the equivalent on some chap watching the ‘Titanic’ sink beneath the waves and thinking ‘Great idea! Must build one of those!’…

  4. It’s a short print run attempt to make Megabuck$$$ on the tears of the Bremainers, who will supposedly buy the thing to show their solidarity in the cause of brushing the referendum under the carpet. I’m not sure such a thing has a chance in the internet age, when they can all use the appropriate social media instead.

  5. This Matt Kelly (if it’s who I think it is) is not a bad lad, but he must know that this idea is going nowhere – not least because the people hath spake. Like every other “good news” paper that has ever flown, it’ll crash very quickly.

  6. A lefty echo chamber.

    So they are making a hard copy of Twitter and flogging it. Wish I’d thought of it.

  7. From recollection of doing a paper round back in the 90s, wasn’t there a Robert Maxwell funded publication called ‘The European’ back then? it vanished from the newstands without trace, as will this particular brainchild – I think the crack are already showing in the ‘Remain’ camp….

  8. Yes, the European did exist, briefly.

    “we value very highly expertise and have some of the world’s best brains in their areas writing for us.”

    Uh huh.

  9. Anyone who imagines that the 48% who voted to Remain have much in common is deluding themselves. The market for pro-EU propaganda is very limited. A significant percentage of those who voted Remain will have been reluctant remainers and of the-better-the-devil-you-know school of thought.

  10. I’m becoming a broken record on this, but this is becoming a complete rerun of the Scottish referendum.

    The losing “Yes” side launched a new newspaper (The National) which was going to give the truth without any Westminster distortions and appeal to all the Yes supporters. It couldn’t possibly fail.

    It’s written by cranks, zoomers and thick media-luvvies, refuses to make any criticism of the SNP (even when it’s MPs are under police investigation!) and is pretty much a comic. Sales started well on day one but have been plummeting ever since. Can’t be long before it folds.

    The New European will go the same way.

  11. Wow.

    The first newspaper to be launched to spite a politician third in line to be PM.

    Next week “Michael Gove” will be a winning answer on Pointless. And the winners, with their £1,000 prize will be able to buy The Independent and all who sank in her.

  12. I think the Barclay twins then bought it – always the kiss of death. One of the executives told me once that he had a stupendous allowance for booze, to the extent that a walk-in cupboard in his office was stacked from floor to ceiling with spirits. Cor! Them were the days. It shut up shop in 1998.

  13. Theo/GlenDorran and others

    You make an excellent point – and its one lost on the dunderheads who are littering Facebook in particular in the wake of the EU vote. If there was a quibble over the vote to Leave for most people not in the direct pay of the EU the issue was one of the timing of when we leave, not whether we leave. The EU is, and has been a scarcely mitigated disaster – the very few positive aspects are easily overshadowed by its numerous issues, and to be blunt absent a change of course it is likely to fall anyway, whether through invasion by ISIS or some such group or due to states leaving unilaterally. As you say, the number of people who are passionately pro EU cannot amount to more than perhaps 10% of the electorate – it’s a project on a par with Mirror Group’s ‘New Day’ which launched earlier this year, and was singularly the worst thing I have ever had the misfortune to spend money on…

  14. Theo–most remainers were there by reason of economic fears and uncertainty–better the Devil etc–as you say.

    There is a hard core –“the Enemy Class”as Sean Gabb labels them, accurately in my opinion–of CM scum allied with the young dumb uni-warped snot.

    They are fomenting as much seeming “unrest” as they can.

    Destroying the Darling Bud is the essential issue now. Faux news outlets won’t cut it for our enemies.

  15. The Meissen Bison

    Van_P: [The EU] is likely to fall anyway,whether through invasion by ISIS or some such group or due to states leaving unilaterally

    Or even sooner by competing elements within individual member states splitting over how to react to Brexit.

    Angela Merkel’s coalition is on the cusp of hacking chunks out of itself as her CDU/CSU grouping is entirely at odds with the social democrat SPD, led by her deputy in the government, Sigmar Gabriel (no relation to Walter).

    There’s no surprise that the BBC isn’t reporting the complete disarray on the continent but there seems to be precious little coverage elsewhere which is a shame since it vindicates the referendum result.

  16. “Society” isn’t in flux and turmoil. The Enemy Class are (to repeat Gabb’s label). At the moment the Tory wing of it are trying to stitch up the Tory leadership and thus negotiations and Brexit.

    Perhaps we should remind Teh Yoof that the EU is a project invented by and beloved of, er, old white men.

  17. Van_Patten,

    I’ve heard there’s more remorse from remain voters (around 3%) than leave (around 1%).

  18. bloke (temporarily not) in spain

    Is the Sage of Ely one of “the world’s best brains in their areas ” be writing for it?
    Sounds like his spiritual home.

  19. @Van_Patten: In Scotland they have a thing called “The National” which appeared right after the last time the people voted the wrong way, and which is dedicated, as you might expect, to pushing ultra-SNP ideas about everything (basically, it’s all England’s fault, for any value of “it”).

    I expect it will last at least as long as The European.

  20. Although, come to think of it, it probably is a real job title. In the NHS, something to do with the distribution and collection of bed pans.

  21. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Theo: I think that’s what’s called ‘taking one for the team’. Or in her case, taking several for the team.

  22. Reminds me of when Robert Fisk was beaten up by Afghans. Similar mindset. Or deranged, as we used to call it.

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