Get yer ya yas out for Europe

A Cambridge academic walked in naked at a meeting at the Faculty of Economics in protest against the results of the EU referendum.

Victoria Bateman had written on her breasts and stomach ‘Brexit leaves Britain naked’.

Being a Cambridge academic means that you are clever, yes, but not necessarily smart.

25 thoughts on “Get yer ya yas out for Europe”

  1. Back in my youth I recall a bird who would take two tokes and then it would be: ooh, I’m stoned, I have to take off all my clothes.

    Probably turn out this one strips off at sherry afternoons.

  2. bloke (temporarily not) in spain

    Have you seen her?
    Must have been quite an effective protest.
    Not something you’d want to witness more than once.

  3. I saw a placard saying something along the lines that Brexit was like Geri Hallowell overestimating her ability to be a solo artist when she left the Spice Girls. Kinda funny.

  4. She must be pleased. Wonder how many full frontal nudes have been in the Telegraph? I know I was pretty chuffed when I had a letter published.

  5. You know from a single glance at that face everything she believes in.

    If you wanted to make a mask for Progressivism, start with that.

  6. Meanwhile, the BBC shills for ‘many thousands’ who protested against democracy yesterday:

    More photos like the North family, please. That’s exactly the sort of image we want Labour heartlands seeing. Smug middle class weirdos demanding their disenfranchisement.

  7. @JuliaM “They should have said ‘Put ’em away!’. That would have upset her more!”

    Two responses ; the first is laughing uncontrollably hysterically , but the absolute best, if you can do it, is for everyone to just carry on as normal, no jokes, no remarks, no looks, dead straight face, just hold the meeting.

  8. That would be the thing, completely ignore her nudity then, right at the end, remind her to bring a towel to sit on at the next meeting out of consideration for other users of her chair.

  9. Are Cambridge dons known as Masters? If so, judging by the photo, a few months in the gym and Ms Bateman naked might actually justify the title.

  10. Custard

    A friend of mine had a dinner party and noticed, after one female got up, that she had left a period stain on his chair. She was not invited back

  11. BF – that strikes me as terrible rudeness (by your friend). Unless the woman knew and thought fuck it. accidents happen and sympathy is the order of the day, surely??? Some birds have very heavy periods. Some periods strike unexpectedly etc etc

    (Fuck me, I must have gone progressive!)

  12. Ian B,

    Mike Batt (responsible for the Womble’s musical output) contributed to possibly the trippiest album of the 60’s, Western Flyer by Hapshash and the Coloured Coat.

  13. She’s not even an (economic) lefty. She’s even published in CapX.

    But she is a feminist. And, judging purely by her photos, a loopy one.

  14. BF, that’s awful, poor girl. She must have been humiliated. If she noticed and cared. Maybe it’s the next step from psycho breast feeders. It’s natural! Nothing more beautiful! Get with the twenty-first century, bigots!

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