Jeremy Corbyn’s aides are refusing to let Labour deputy leader Tom Watson hold a one-to-one meeting with him, claiming that Watson will try to “bully” the leader into resigning.

Convinced of the mental strength of their man those aides, eh?

Mind you, I’d happily hand our knighthoods to people who prevented me from having to have a one to one meeting with Watson.

8 thoughts on “Giggle”

  1. I liked the story yesterday that the shadow cabinet were saying they would keep some of his policies if he resigned, one of which was “making the party more democratic”.

    The MPs ignoring the democratic vote of the members wants to “make the party more democratic”.


  2. A meeting with Watson should be no problem.

    So long as it was conducted out on the pavement.

  3. Although Jeremy is well within his rights, I’m beginning to think it does look like they have him by the short and curlies. If they work to rule, brief against him bad enough, a few howlers and its going to be horrendous. Trying to see what could possibly save him as leader and its basically only a quick general election with massive de-selection of the rebs and entry-ist galore. But GE is likely to never happen especially if May happens and he would still need to be toughy mctough bollocks to see it through to then… plus there’s all those polls ahead and finally the result. Or maybe i’m just a pessimist.

  4. @Rob, the Labour party election of a leader is not democracy, it is just a set of rules, some very recent and made badly. Labour is just a private club, nothing more, and like many other private clubs can make up any rules they want. But it is not democracy.

  5. “We are not letting that happen. He’s a 70-year-old [sic] man. We have a duty of care”

    I thought this the most extraordinary statement. Stating that your man is too old and doddery to possibly be allowed to sit in the same room as a fat man who wants to talk to him. And that’s from one of his cronies FFS!

  6. Cornyn has lost the support of the Murpatollah! Unconected with the fact that Hodge The Dodge signed the no confidence motion Murphy suddenly about faces on Cornyn. He really must think she will get him a job!

  7. Dan, he didn’t look too old and doddery when he went for that female journalist who had the audacity to ask the great man a question.

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