Good luck with this Owen, good luck

The task ahead is to ensure Trump’s defeat – as decisively as possible – and Democratic control of both Houses of Congress, and then to build pressure from below to enact progressive legislation.

I can imagine Trump losing although I’m definitely not sure that he will (I think it will be a landslide one way or the other though) but D control of both Houses? Don’t think so, really don’t think so.

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  1. Gawd!

    can you imagine the worldwide havoc that could be wrecked if one party controlled 2/3 of my state?

    House, Senate, Executive – we could be Venezuela within 10 years.

  2. Hasn’t Obama opened the door on Congress being irrelevant anyway? If they get their way they will destroy the US and take the world with it.

  3. What Owen should do is get Guardian readers to write letters to voters in swing states, urging them to vote for the crookess rather than Trump. What could possibly go wrong?

  4. @docbud – one is “trade”, the other isn’t. And the left looks down on trade, like the old independently-wealthy who they increasingly resemble.

  5. I suspect that the she-wolf’s Plan B is to bump off Slick Willie in the expectation of harvesting a sympathy vote

  6. @docbud,

    As I wrote about when I got involved with that weird artsy chick here in Paris in the context of some self-serving arts “charity” over in New York, middle-class “progressive” organisations proudly state that they receive no corporate sponsorship and don’t make any money from commercial activities themselves…but are happy to accept taxpayer cash forcibly obtained, in part, from single mothers working minimum wage. David Thompson’s blog pretty much writes itself on this subject.

  7. Isn’t Owen Jones aware that Trump is going for election in USA, therefore none of this is any of his business?

    “The task ahead”, FFS.

    What’s it to a little boy from Stockport that scribbles in the Grauniad?

    Sad. really.

  8. Bloke in North Dorset


    But are they willing customers or have they been duped in to buying stuff they don’t need by neo liberals and corporate shysters who need rescuing by progressives?

    Far better that they spend their money on approved stuff like taxes to fund the curajus state.

  9. I’m sending Trump $100 US to help smash the bitch for good and end her days in the greybar hotel.

    The reason UK leftshite care about the USA elections is that if the anti-left tide now surging wins in the USA–whatever Trump does as actual president(and war is much more likely with Killery)–it means the countdown to smash the middle-class CM left is well and truly on.

  10. The Inimitable Steve

    The election of Trump would represent one of the greatest calamities to befall the west since the end of the second world war.

    It’ll be like Brexit multiplied by GamerGate. Can you imagine?

    Hillary Clinton’s spastic head will shake so hard it’ll finally detach from her body and orbit the planet, its permagrimace crying “The gun is bad! The penis is evil!”

    Millions of blue-haired, septum-pierced lefties will flee for the Canadian border – a tremendous trampling not seen on the American continent since the glory days of the great bison – to be brutally crushed by the Mounties and their remains eaten by The Littlest Hobo.

    The Guardian’s front page headline will be “FFFFFUUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKK!”

    Donald Trump hasn’t even been elected yet and he’s already triggering leftwingers around the globe into paroxysms of Tena Lady soaked porcine fury.

    I hope his inauguration speech borrows from this classic:

    Kent Brockman: Alright, let’s go live to Bob headquarters now, for Mayor Terwilliger’s victory speech.

    Sideshow Bob: [approaches podium] Ahem. Heh, heh, heh. Hah, hah hah, hah hah!
    [laughter grows progressively more maniacal]

    Sideshow Bob: HA! HA HA HA HA HA! HAAA! HAAA! HAAA! HAAAA!

    Kent Brockman: And just look how happy he is.

  11. I can’t understand the Trump-love on here. The bloke’s a left-wing statist who lies every time he speaks and is a narcissistic loon. He’s playing his audience like a cheap fiddle. I loathe Hillary, of course – I couldn’t vote for either of the cunts.

  12. The Inimitable Steve

    Ecksy – I admire your enthusiasm but Mr Trump doesn’t accept foreign donations as it’s illegal. Hillary, otoh…

  13. I can’t understand the Trump-love on here.

    For my part, it is because he has not only upset the cosy establishment applecart, but he is causing people who I want to see upset to become seriously upset. For now, that is enough.

  14. The Inimitable Steve

    Interested – Trump is the avatar of Kek, the modern Loki, the incarnation of mirth and Milo’s Daddy. Every little thing he does is magic. He can make SJW’s shit themselves with a single Tweet.

    I’m smitten.

  15. ” The election of Trump would represent one of the greatest calamities to befall the west since the end of the second world war. ”

    The President of the USA putting the interests of the USA and its citizens first would be a calamity?
    Hillary is a crooked neocon warmonger. How anyone could vote for her is beyond me.

  16. The Inimitable Steve

    Isn’t Owen Jones aware that Trump is going for election in USA, therefore none of this is any of his business?

    Globalisation, innit? I was surprised at how much interest the US media took in Brexit. And they were just as viciously tendentious and snarkily dishonest as our own press.

    US lefties now speak of Brexit in the same breath as the Iraq War, the Holocaust, and people who don’t like the new Ghostbusters.

    The Narrative must be maintained at all times and in all places, lest it seem like there’s no such thing as a “wrong side of history”.

  17. “I can’t understand the Trump-love on here.”

    I think its a sign of the times. Like Brexit, people are fed up with the same old same old. And if it comes to a choice between the same old same old (and you can’t get much more like that than voting for Clinton, hell her husband was President, its like having a monarchy) and something different (regardless of what that is, or what it might mean), then people will vote for the something different.

    I would vote for Trump on three counts – as far as one can see he’s not corrupt, and she is in spades, as far as one can see he loves his country and its peoples and wants whats best for them, she wants whats best for her and people like her, and finally the people who oppose Trump the most are the scum of the earth, and using the Churchillian dictum of giving the devil a good reference if your enemy becomes his enemy, I’d plump for Trump.

  18. I can’t understand the Trump-love on here.

    Apart from the anarchist joy some here feel – he’s simply not another politician stamped out from the endless production line – it’s just that he is not Hillary, Cruz or Sanders. I’d note that a lot of my US colleagues have this in spades. “Anybody but Hillary” is far stronger, and spread across the political spectrum (which covers extreme gun nuts through to Californication liberals) than my “anybody but Labour” feels last GE.

    Best of a very bad lot. Hell, the current US debacle even makes the Smith / Corbyn election look like it’s supplied with rational and interesting choices for the voters.

  19. The Inimitable Steve

    SE – Trump ain’t a phony though. He’s authentically himself. The WYSIWYG candidate.

    He might be lying out of every orifice (I tend to think not, tho it’s possible), but there’s nothing phony about him.

  20. The funny thing is, that the average US election goes like this:

    Step 1: MSM (aka “democrat operatives with bylines”) big up the moderate Repub candidate that they’d least hate if he wins, and that they think can be beaten by the Dem. If there’s been a party rebel who’s been their darling for decades (e.g. McCain), they’ll promote him. Other, less MSM-desirable candidates get attacked and drop out.
    Step 2: This candidate becomes the nominee, “cos the media like him”, so the establishment go along to get along.
    Step 3: Media sets their phasers to kill, moderate candidate becomes Hitler, previous moderate candidate from an earlier cycle stops being Hitler and becomes a shining beacon that if only the current candidate could live up to there’d be frolicking and kittens and peace and love.
    Step 4: school reports from age 13 will be released, unsubstantiated anecdotes will be spread, accusations of giving people cancer, pushing people in wheelchairs off cliffs, and OMG ROMNEY PUT A DOG ON TOP OF HIS CAR!!!
    Step 5: Democrat wins.

    Problem is, Trump’s candidature blew this up at Step 1 by beating the candidates the MSM were wanting to promote. So they have already been on Step 3 for months, trying to get a more convivial (for them) candidate to the nomination. And don’t forget, the media loved Trump before he looked like he was in with a shot of the Repub nomination, which is when we went straight to step 3.

    Now, where they would normally pivot from praising to trying to destroy, they’ve already pivoted shot their load all over him, and he’s just lovin’ it. They’ve got nowhere to go, other than even more hysterical. And that will be counter-productive for the MSM and the Dems (but I repeat myself).

    This is hilarious to watch.

  21. The shite the demopukes are spewing is wonderful too.

    We’re gonna import migrants , take your guns ,big up BLM, boost PC shite, veer even further to the SJW left, carry on corruption and meddle everywhere on Earth we can while fucking up the economy some more.

    Just like Obummer with a set of microballs.

    Keep going you pricks. Project Fear 2.0.

  22. Steve,

    Trump ain’t a phony though. He’s authentically himself. The WYSIWYG candidate.

    I agree with Scott Adams on this one, I’m afraid. That the bluster, the “mis-speaking”, the populism to the point of bigotry, are a front. A very successful one.

    And behind the media image, is a much more hard-headed businessman. Probably with similar sorts of opinions as the press-Trump, and almost certainly with as weird hair, but with a more nuanced view on what is possible, what is affordable, what compromises can be made.

    I may, of course, be utterly wrong. And you completely right. We may get to see.

  23. I. likewise, don’t understand the Trump love. While I admit he has a better chance of being a good president than Cliton it is more likely he’ll be terrible. In other words Trump has the higher ceiling and much lower floor. It is a shame that we can have major party candidates of the caliber of Carter and Ford nowadays.

    The good news is people are considering choices other than the douche or the turd sandwich. Although the MSM doesn’t want to admit it Johnson is virtually tied with CLUMP in a recent Utah poll. If only Stein and Castle can steal enough votes from the Dems and Reps we can have our own election day victory for common sense.

  24. Forget Trump and indeed the US presidential election — they key election will take place in Venezuela (scheduled for 2018 but might be sooner) – if Maduro loses (as seems likely) there might be an opportunity for May to secure a permanent majority by offering to extradite Jones to the new Venezuelan government to stand trial for aiding and abetting the previous regime’s crimes – if they can send Abbott as well they would be in office for all time.

  25. @Rob,

    I do hope that those who intend to vote with their vaginas disinfect the screens afterwards. Don’t want to be spreading cnutrot now, do we?

  26. re: Van_Patten

    What makes you think a mere election will sway the Chavistas on giving up power? Hugo and his cab driving successor have been revamping the military and all other elements of power in Venezuela for over 15 years. They’re not going to just give up power just because they lost the thing call election.

    And who’s counting the votes? Jimmy Carter who swore on his mother’s grave that the election held down there was the most pristine pure form of democracy ever known to mankind?

  27. That’s why the old jokes goes like this: One Man, One Vote, Once. They had their vote 17 years ago. Nothing else matters.

  28. BigFire

    I agree completely – I don;t think they’ll give up power willingly – but if they don’t that makes Jones’ extradition even more likely when the reckoning does come with that mob I think

  29. Bloke in Costa Rica

    I think Trump is trainable, and much less of a zealot than Clinton. He scares me less than she does.

  30. LY: Johnson is a gun control Demopublican-lite arsehole.

    The present “Libertarian” party is a walking disgrace.

    Who have fuck-all chance of stopping Killery.

  31. @Jim, July 27, 2016 at 10:52 am


    No need for me to say more other than:

    Hilary For Prison 2016


  32. Nah still don’t get it. He’s not a great businessman, he’s a shit one. He’s not a Republican, or a conservative, he’s a big government narcissist. He’s not a top shagger, which seems to impress some, he phones up gossip columns posing as his own publicist to ‘reveal’ he’s shagging famous birds he once half-met at a party. (Just cheating on his various wives rules him out for me, but them I’m quite old fashioned like that, what with the family being the entire fucking foundation of our society and culture), He won’t reveal his tax returns because he’s been lying about his wealth, he says one thing one day and another the next and another another the next. The bloke’s a shit shower and it amuses me that some of you can’t see it.

    Hillary is a giant cunt for different reasons – the US is fucked but you get what you pay for.

  33. ” It is a shame that we can have major party candidates of the caliber of Carter and Ford nowadays.”

    Never sure if LY is being serious or making a joke at times.

  34. “The bloke’s a shit shower and it amuses me that some of you can’t see it.

    Hillary is a giant cunt for different reasons – the US is fucked but you get what you pay for.”

    Trump is a joke, but him being a joke President puffing himself up won’t materially affect the US or cause its people trouble.

    Clinton the other hand is a corrupt liar who will sell US interests to the highest bidder.

    Your choice. Put up with a buffoon who will be channelled away from harm, or a proven liar and taker of foreign money for influence.

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