Guardian really should be careful here

Philip Green, who together with other investors collected more than £580m in dividends, rent and interest payments from BHS during his 15 years in charge of the retailer,

He didn’t you know. His wife may have, but he didn’t.

11 thoughts on “Guardian really should be careful here”

  1. They’re losing money hand over fist, it’ll just take one significant libel case and they’ll go under.

  2. If, fingers crossed, Murphy jumps on this bandwagon, and finds himself on the wrong end of another libel action, he may have to relocate from Ely to, say, Clacton-on-Sea or Jaywick

  3. He’s not even an investor. Same report makes clear that he’s never been a shareholder nor director in any of the owning companies.

  4. Jgh
    Not sure that a libel action would break the vile rag. The Scott Trust must have huge resources after the sale of Autotrader for £0.7m (?). Anyone know the exact position?

  5. If the Graun collapsed, even more of its writers would be employed by the BBC. They wouldn’t just disappear.

  6. Wiki says they sold Autotrader for £600m, giving £850m of assets “to underwrite Guardian losses”. What I hadn’t realised was the The Scott Trust is no more, it was wound up and its assets transfered to something called “The Scott Trust Limited” in 2008. The suspicious cynic in me sees the timing coinciding with the change in quality in the paper itself.

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