Have they actually got this right about BHS?

From the report:

BHS, which was founded in 1928, was bought by Sir Philip Green in 2000. It became part of the Taveta group, which is ultimately controlled by Lady Green, in 2009.

I thought it was always part of Taveta? In 2009 the merger was of Arcadia and BHS, wasn’t it? The two Taveta subsidiaries merging?

I am firmly under the impression that Sir Philip never actually owned it.

6 thoughts on “Have they actually got this right about BHS?”

  1. One way in which the German National Socialists were more intelligent than such socialists as the British Labour Party was that the Nazis realised that the key thing was to control a business: there was no need for formal ownership.

    Maybe Mr Green had the same belief.

  2. dearieme,

    Which was still a disaster, because despite still being owned, decisions involved work councils and the Nazis deciding what they would make. Some businesses did well, but overall, the German economy was bad in peacetime under the Nazis.

  3. BHS accounts to 31/3/01 state “P Green is the ultimate controlling party of Bhs Group Limited.” The following year it became “P Green and his immediate family are the ultimate controlling party of Bhs Group Limited.”

  4. “Which was still a disaster”: indeed – my suggestion was that on this issue they showed more intelligence than the Labour Party traditionally does, not that socialism isn’t going to end in disaster anyway.

    Sir Shifty’s intelligent method of distancing himself from the fan might still end up with his being spattered now the ordure has hit it.

    It’s a tricky matter, sailing close to the wind.

  5. Who is the actual shareholder?
    Not uncommon as part of renumeration for CEO to get shares but who owns?

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