He’s baiting you Honey, he’s baiting you

She spoke at length about the businessman’s character and temperament, saying “a man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons”.

And very well too.

16 thoughts on “He’s baiting you Honey, he’s baiting you”

  1. He’s up to Troll Level Grand Master. I’m coming around to the idea that he and his team are superb at high-level messaging. And the “gaffes” are deliberate – Melania’s fluff that sounded like Michelle Obama’s fluff from a few years back? Baiting the media into juxtaposing the two so you equate them (and thus their husbands by extension), while simultaneously showing the media to be mean, bitchy Democrat operatives with bylines (pace Glenn Reynolds).

    He’s also great at saying one thing so as to bait the media into attacking him for what they *thought* he said, not what he actually said – cf. the “if russia finds the missing e-mails”. Media read that as a request to hack (which it wasn’t – the server is no longer there, so is no longer hackable), whereas it assumes the Russkies or their friends have the mails already (“find”, not “get”). Again, the Media is shown doing the dems’ work for them. And all it takes is a few words. He’s really the first to work out that he’s largely running against the media, is not afraid to say so, and to use this to manipulate the media to his advantage.

    “a man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons”.

    Whereas a woman who can’t read a tweet herself until her team prints it out for her is a woman we can trust with nuclear weapons because vagina, natch (or should that be “snatch”…?)

  2. No wonder decent folk avoid politics. The very idea of being subjected to a lecture on “character” by the she-wolf: ugh!

  3. When I read that line I immediately thought they were getting it in before Donald did, to steal its power. They’ll be trying that a lot. And need to.

  4. Further to our complaints about American English, may I just add “issues” as a euphemism for “problems” or even “defects”.

  5. The Meissen Bison

    And this from a woman who is ostensibly married to a man who can’t be trusted with a todger.

    My heart is swelling with Trump-love in proportion to the rantocracy trying to do him down.

  6. The DNC showed a vid presenting Trump as akin to the archetypal hollywood bully.

    Whereas it’s Hillary with the record of screaming at underlings…

    I find their complete lack of self-awareness delicious…

  7. Despite all that experience the Dems seem politically tone deaf.

    Let my finger hover over the button, because I paint my nails-

    Who exactly is this message aimed at? A couple of bull dykes from the Arizona branch of the NRA, and no one else.

  8. @BiF – I think that they are incapable of understanding how to engage people outside their bubble, to a shocking degree.

    So this cycle you’ve got the Dems talking to themselves, and Trump engaging in pretty effective high-level messaging to the Everyman.

    And the Dems are just not accepting the polls, which is hilarious. “Trump’s just awful (although if he’d run as a dem we’d think he was great), so how can his polling be so high?”

  9. You’re making it all too complicated. What Donald Trump understands is this: Getting the mainstream media into a tizzy about what he may (or may not) have said isn’t a bug.

    It’s a feature.

    The more the political and chattering classes howl about how dangerous Trump is, the more people have come to accept that he really is a threat to the status quo in Washington. And for a lot of people that is a GOOD THING.

    They are conferring a legitimacy that he could not buy.

  10. @Dennis – that was rather my point – he’s manipulating the media to play into his hands quite masterfully.

  11. Plus, he’s had the whole of the DNC conference directed at HIM. More free exposure and publicity. So all the time they’ve been spending slagging off him, they’re not putting out a positive message (which they haven’t got this time around anyway).

  12. Bloke in Costa Rica

    My biggest fear isn’t Trump in charge of nuclear weapons; it’s someone like Hillary or Obama who could very plausibly be imagined never using them, even when called for. The whole point of nuclear deterrence is that your enemy is convinced you will use them in extremis. If they get the idea you won’t, it’s incredibly dangerous.

  13. I did wonder about the small mistakes regarding Trumps wife if it was to make the media bite, that way when he starts in in Bill Clinton and his record they don’t have leg to stand on as they were they ones that made the spouses fair game.
    Though the Dems apparently see Bill as an asset so maybe they don’t care.

  14. I’ve never understood how Hillary has a snowball in hell’s chance after her women’s conference speech:

    “Women have always been the primary victims of war. Women lose their husbands, brothers and fathers and are left to carry on”.

    Seriously, it’s like saying that a father who loses his wife in a road traffic accident has it worse than his dead wife. Notwithstanding the only real reason a man goes to war is to defend his home an family.

    I can understand if anyone here thinks this is propaganda, but I saw her say it on Youtube, search for it yourselves, unbelievable.

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