How the hell can you get Burke wrong?

But that also means that the MP is not a representative agent as Burke would have put it,


Parliament is not a congress of ambassadors from different and hostile interests; which interests each must maintain, as an agent and advocate, against other agents and advocates;

Burke’s whole damn point is that your MP is not your agent.

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  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    Listening to the Labour leadership (lack of) debate MPs appear to be more the agents of the Party rather than constituency. They’ve completely flipped Burke and their priorities are party, constituency then country with the latter 2 being some distance behind the first.

  2. It looks like there could be dissension between Murphy and one of the ‘Gang of Four’ on the ‘Asking for policy’ entry! The appalling mass murder advocate (And apologies in advance to the equally delusional DBC Reed) Carol WIlcox, an arch Corbynite is taking the Murph to task for his backing of Owen Smith – an entertaining exchange. Deserted by even his most loyal lickspittles!

  3. Thanks for that, V_P. All quite delicious; but then the left tends to devour itself.

    I was interested in Owen Smith’s platform. It sounds like the first steps to the Venezuela option to me:

    Fair Employment, Fair Taxes and Fair Funding

    A pledge to focus on equality of outcome, not equality of opportunity.
    Scrapping the DWP and replacing it with a Ministry for Labour and a Department for Social Security.
    Introducing modern wages councils for hotel, shop and care workers to strengthen terms and conditions.
    Banning zero hour contracts.
    Ending the public sector pay freeze.
    Extending the right to information and consultation to cover all workplaces with more than 50 employees.
    Ensuring workers’ representation on remuneration committees.
    Repealing the Trade Union Act.
    Increase spending on health and social care by at least 4% in real-terms in every year of the next parliament.
    Commit to bringing NHS funding up to the European average within the first term of a Labour Government.
    Greater spending on schools and libraries.
    Re-instate the 50p top rate of income tax.
    Reverse the reductions in Corporation Tax due to take place over the next four years.
    Reverse cuts to Inheritance Tax announced in the Summer Budget.
    Reverse cuts to Capital Gains Tax announced in March 2016 Budget.
    Introduce a new wealth Tax on the top 1% of earners to fund our NHS.
    A British New Deal unveiling £200bn of investment over five years.
    A commitment to invest tens of billions in the North of England, and to bring forward High Speed 3.
    A pledge to build 300,000 homes in every year of the next parliament – 1.5 million over five years.
    Ending the scandal of fuel poverty by investing in efficient energy.

  4. Bloke in Costa Rica

    That’s cute, if your goal is to return the country to some edenic 1920’s socialist theme park. New Deal? Works councils? Another train set? Equality of outcome? I’m surprised he didn’t include “Communism is Soviet power plus the electrification of the whole country”.

  5. Own has missed the obvious ones though

    The right of everyone to live happily ever after
    Greater everything for everyone for free
    Tractor production to double every six months throughout the 5 year plan
    All children to laugh and sing in the sunshine of socialism

    Why not, Owen, why not?

  6. When I was a child, I preferred to run around in the Summer rather than pretend to be a politician/economist. I guess I was never a potential Fabian

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