How would they tell which one?

Police hunt for ‘chubby red-headed Scotsman with strong body odour’

8 thoughts on “How would they tell which one?”

  1. One of the things about Brexit was that the Jocks said they’d bugger off. *drums fingers on kitchen table*…*waits with increasing impatience*

  2. When AS Napoli unexpectedly lost the league to Milan in the ’80s rumours of bribes sped around Naples. Local police were said to be looking for a man who was about 5′ 7″ with dark hair and a pencil moustache.

  3. That’s a most unusually detailed description of a suspect. Often you get next to nothing when the suspect is, ahem, politically undescribable.

  4. The Brexit vote is already driving desperate young men from Scotland south, forcing them to steal in order to feed their families.

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