I’m sure the US is, yes

If Clinton picks Warren for V.P., is the U.S. ready for double-woman ticket?

I’m sure two vagina owners would be fine. But why does it have to be these two? And if it is, is the US ready for these two?

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  1. I’m sure HC will get out the sensible shoes vote and Warren all those with one-sixty-fourth Native American blood. So that’s easily 1000 people right there.

  2. Pick two vagina owners at random from the chow line at an American woman’s prison and you will have two more honest representatives as well.

  3. Eur In Trouble Now

    The scary thing is how manifestly intellectually limited both of them are and yet how stridently self confident they are in all their assertions. “What difference does it make?”

  4. Bloke in North Dorset

    Whenever some tells me women are better at politics because they can compromise, are cuddly ec I point them towards Bangladesh. Some of the nastiest, vicious and corrupt politics were ever likely to see and both main parties are led by women.

  5. The only male dominated party remaining that I can think of is the Liberal Democrats. If only they had some actual liberal policies.

  6. I am already fairly certain that Donald Trump will win the election, but if Clinton picks Warren I think a Trump victory is virtually guaranteed. The issue isn’t that Warren is a woman, it’s that she is a hyper-liberal East Coast political elite.

    This election cycle hasn’t been kind to political elites (including Clinton herself), and there is no reason to think that the Fly-Over Territory rebellion against establishment Washington is going to be quelled by an ex-Harvard professor and fake Indian who represents Massachusetts, of all places.

    This all smacks of a desperate bid by Clinton to get Bernie Sanders voters back in the Democratic fold.

  7. Won’t Hellary pick someone of hue?

    Who of hue? There are no black or Latino Democratic politicians of sufficient stature to actually be an asset on the ticket. If anyone thinks the likes of Charlie Rangel, Cynthia McKinney, Elijah Cummings, John Conyers, Keith Ellison, John Lewis, Maxine Waters or Corey Booker are going to get Clinton a presidency, I’d suggest they seek therapy from a qualified mental health professional immediately.

  8. I once asked a rather mentally ill New York feminist who she would consider as a role model for a teenage girl. She said Elizabeth Warren. As I said, she was mentally ill.

  9. Bloke in North Dorset


    Isn’t the point that the just need to be of hue? As Obama has shown, competence doesn’t enter in to it.

  10. BiND,

    Obama wouldn’t have won if not for the circumstances. I doubt we’ll see another black president for quite a while.

    I don’t think two women on the ticket is the problem. The problem is the women headlining. Clinton’s Senate voting record looks to much like a rubber stamp for Bush II’s goals.

    We have the classic South Park model for presidential candidates which is why I’m voting for Johnson. Hell I’d vote for the Communist Party candidate if that was the only other option this year.

  11. C’mon chaps, let’s have a little less chauvinism. A couple of cunts on the ticket won’t even begin to make up for all the pricks we’ve had before.

  12. So Much For Subtlety

    Actually it does matter. There has even been a study recently proving that female rulers are more likely to lead their country to war. Especially if they are unmarried. They did not say what would happen if they were lesbians but I think that Clinton and Warren both fit into a generous definition of that category.

    She should pick John Kasich. She needs to expand the vote outside her base. Picking Warren would add nothing to the ticket unless Democrat support is bleeding so badly she needs to shore up the Left. A Republican-lite of colour would be good. But not plausible at the moment – unless someone like Colin Powell wanted the job. Kasich is about as right wing as she can go and expect a chance of getting him on board.

    (I would say Rubio, who is more or less identical in politics to Clinton but he is standing for re-election in the Senate and so can’t do it)

  13. So Much For Subtlety

    If Clinton picks Warren for V.P., is the U.S. ready for double-woman ticket?

    If most men’s porn habits are anything to go by, most of us would pay good money for a double woman ticket.

    Just not these two women.

    (Although I am still a little hopeful there is a Hillary-Huma sex tape out there somewhere. Not very hopeful. Just a little.)

  14. She should pick John Kasich.


    I don’t know what you’ve been smoking, son, but whatever it is I don’t approve of it… And I want some.

    1) John Kasich is a Republican, and unless he’s just dying to destroy his career, and while he will do and say just about anything to further his shitty little career, even he wouldn’t accept such an offer if, on the very off chance, it happened to come his way.

    2) John Kasich won Ohio (his home state) and polled at a less than impressive 5% to15% everywhere else. He couldn’t expand his own base, despite campaigning long and hard. Nobody wanted him to be president other than Ohio voters… Who saw a golden opportunity to get him far, far away from them for at least four years.

    3) Ya think Bernie Sanders and his drones would stay in fold with a Republican on Hillary’s ticket? I can’t think of anything else that would so quickly cement a third party run by Sanders.

    Next time, smoke the blunt after you post!

  15. Isn’t the point that the just need to be of hue?

    The dirty little secret these days is that Trump is polling far better with blacks and Latinos than any Republican candidate that preceded him.

    We’ve had two First Black Presidents (Clinton and Obama), neither of whom are actually black, and things have never been much worse for both blacks and Latinos. And guess what? They’re starting to figure out that voting for This Year’s Model of the Establishment House Negro isn’t working.

    American has had all the racial healing it can stand for the time being…

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