Is there a mental health professional available in Ely?

Reducing the corporation tax rate does, of course, massively increase the return to tax avoidance

Reducing tax rates increases the return to tax avoidance…..erm….

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  1. I am really hoping that the impact of Brexit leads to a splintering of the EU so that crap like Country by Country reporting can be kicked (along with its advocates) into the long grass.

    That said, with the likely fluctuation in the economy in the Short term, whichever Conservative inherits the Premiership, there is surely an ideal opportunity on the grounds of declining revenue to start levying a socialiist tax on the likes of Murphy with a view to forcing him to ply his ‘trade’ (if it can be defined thus) in the Republic of Ireland or elsewhere…..

  2. I think he’s looking at the shifting of income from income tax to corporation tax – and in that case he’s got a point but the amounts must be minuscule, and the penalties for being caught out are draconian already.

  3. The Meissen Bison


    A splintering of the EU is fervently to be wished for though it would be preferable (if unlikely) if the UK were not implicated.

    EurAktiv has an interesting article on the current state of play with three distinct and divergent paths in the wake of Brexit.

    1) The French centre-right, Macron and Chr. Lagarde are rooting for a rapid §50, new treaties, EU-driven investment and further engagement with ‘The Peoples’.
    2) The German govt. is coming round to a slower §50, a lot less Juncker and more European integration but from the member states cooperating rather than EU diktat.
    3) Everyone’s favourite, Martin Schulz, wants EU real govt now with EP supervising the Commission and a new revising chamber from member states.
    4) The E Europeans aren’t happy with all of this so fun at the EU summit in Bratislava in September.

    Country × Country makes sense once you recognise that the second syllable is redundant.

  4. The Meissen Bison


    Yes, and the closing paragraph continues:
    which resulted in the UK voting by 51.9% to 49.1% to withdraw from the EU.

    Even an arts graduate like me can see that that’s a bit odd.

  5. VP – “a socialiist tax”

    I like it. “Are you in favour of higher taxes? Well fucking pay them then.”

  6. We can I suppose hope that Murphy’s increasingly bizarre and fascist views are an indication of early onset Alzheimers

  7. MC

    It’s based on the privatised utilites levies that Broon introduced. My philosophy is that this Left wing crap is not costless – it creates uncertainty, deters investment and stifles commerce, as well as fostering an unhealthy sense of victimhood rather than self-reliance. The cost should be borne by those advocating it. The alternative would be free air tickets to a country of their choice (subject to them satisfying immigration requirements) – the problem is many will find that the global demand for experts in ‘Critical race theory’, ‘Gender studies’ or other such nonsense is extremely limited….

  8. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Yes, we’ve barely got him to acknowledge that tax incidence is a real thing. Asking him to apply his new-found wisdom to actual cases is a fool’s errand.

  9. @The Meissen Bison, July 4, 2016 at 1:08 pm
    Yes, and the closing paragraph continues:
    which resulted in the UK voting by 51.9% to 49.1% to withdraw from the EU.

    Even an arts graduate like me can see that that’s a bit odd.”

    They’ve inadvertently revealed the fraudulent remain postal votes, thus 101%


  10. Murphy just doesn’t know much about tax. It’s astonishing really. There’s a thread where he gets UK/EU tax treaties totally wrong with the company parent/subsidiary dividend tax rules. It’s pretty basic if you work in tax but he clearly didn’t know the rules…….

  11. He seems to think that a career of small companies and sole traders makes him an expert on international corporations, their tax affairs, management accounting, investment policies etc.
    I’ve challenged him in the past that as a profession accounting has increasingly developed specialisations, but apparently he’s an expert on everything.

  12. @ BniC
    He didn’t know the rules on sole traders, denying the existence of the cash basis option for tax for self-employed people with small/moderate incomes, before he banned me from his site for pointing out too many of his mistakes.

  13. AndrewC

    ‘Murphy doesn;’t know much about (insert subject here)’

    It’s not just tax – he doesn’t really have a clue about anything at all, other than a belief in his own omniscience ….

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