Julie Bindel on how we should treat false accusations of rape

Something like this fills with dread of course. How bad its the logic and argumentation going to be? And La Bindel doesn’t disappoint. Because she never does even coming lose to answering her own question:

The tragic case of Eleanor de Freitas has provided more questions than answers. What should be done about those few cases in which women make false allegations of rape?

It’s not actually that few though, is it?

Home Office-commissioned research on rape attrition from 2005 found that around 3% of reports of rape are false. The impression given by some sections of the media and men’s rights groups paints a very different picture.

From the report.

There are false allegations, and possibly slightly more than some researchers and
support agencies have suggested. However, at maximum they constitute nine per
cent and probably closer to three per cent of all re p o rted cases.

From memory in this field don’t we take “possibly up to” as being the absolute lower bound? But perhaps more importantly:

Twelve per cent of all reported cases, or 14 per cent of those where the outcome
is known, reached the trial stage.

I’ve forgotten what the conviction rate at trial is. But we are getting to the stage where the number of false reports, ones we know are absolutely outright simply made up, is around and about the same as the number of reports that we can and do prove to the standards of criminal justice. Myself I just wouldn’t be calling that “few” but then I’m male, aren’t I?

And as I say, La Bindel doesn’t disappoint in living down to expectations. Because the one thing she doesn’t even manage to broach is, well, what should be the punishment for someone who lies so as to destroy the life of another? I’d think a great deal more of her (and for all the jokes I do admire her tenacity if nothing else) if the answer was something along the lines of, well, come down like a holy terror on those who really do egregiously just flat out lie for some reason or personal gain but be very, very, careful about who we conclude that of. Or summat like that. But we don’t even get that, do we?

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  1. “but then I’m male, aren’t I?” And so am I, but equipped with female mother, wife, sister, daughter, cousins, friends ……

    The present system seems to give an incentive to fake accusers. I suppose what’s best would be to be even-handed about anonymity – and there I’d think the better option would be no anonymity for either party.

    “You can’t turn the clock back” They will cry – but that’s just a pompous way of refusing to learn from your mistakes.

  2. If they really cared about rape prosecutions they would hammer the false accusers, as right now every jury member has to ask themselves is this accuse the latest in a very long line of bullshitters?

  3. That’s ones that are proven false, I think. The impression one would get from Police blogs written by serving officers is somewhat different ; it’s probably way more than that.

    @dearieme is quite correct. For example, a group of people (unsurprisingly) are trying to claim money off Janner (which is why they wanted a defacto trial of a dead man).

    Having some experience of claims in these sort of cases, I’d say 90% of them are false. I suspect this is true even of Savile ; he probably did some things but virtually all of it is mad people or people after money.

    This is the reason there was a helicopter from the BBC when Sir Cliff Richard was raided ; it’s touting for business.

  4. Wasn’t the conviction rate something like 5% in the case of all rape allegations- which suggests 95% of accusations are false? So only out by a factor of 32 – trivial….

  5. “Now that the libel trial is over, perhaps we can remember Eleanor de Freitas as a human being, and not just a case. “

    And forget all about Alexander Economou’s arrest, questioning, and then release without charge, I suppose?

    Is he supposed to just forget it too?

  6. All you have to remember is that for the likes of JB the mantra is ‘female good, male bad’. Everything else flows from that. You may get a grudging admission that woman, very occasionally, do bad things, but that they shouldn’t be punished because they were provoked by evil men, and any men who suffered at the hands of a woman shouldn’t be considered a victim, as being male and all they had most likely done something to some woman somewhere that meant they deserved what they got anyway.

  7. The Inimitable Steve

    De Freitas had seen his daughter’s mental health spiral out of control with the stress of a forthcoming trial, and had questions as to why the CPS saw fit to pursue a young woman suffering from bipolar disorder through a trial during which details of her sexual history would be made public.

    So should we quietly lock up false rape accusers in a mental hospital in case they off themselves? Maybe go back to the days when women could be institutionalised if their husband or father said they were a bit hysterical?

    Whatserface de Fritos was accused of a serious crime, one she almost certainly was in fact guilty of. Should we not bother to prosecute rapists, murderers, frausters, kiddy fiddlers, drunk drivers, burglars and arsonists if their daddies say their fee-fees are too delicate to stand trial?

    Now that the libel trial is over, perhaps we can remember Eleanor de Freitas as a human being, and not just a case. David describes his daughter as having been “loyal and kind”.

    And apparently a nutcase and a vindictive liar, too. Yes, nil nisi bonum and all that but if she’d gotten her way it’s quite possible an entirely innocent young man would’ve killed himself.

  8. Google the David Bryant case for an example of a false allegation which resulted in the conviction and jailing of an innocent man.

  9. The rape debate isn’t about rape, the glass ceiling debate isn’t about glass ceilings, the Black Lives Matter debate isn’t about black lives, the Islamophilia isn’t about a love of Islam – it is all about dividing and ruling. Turn men and women against each other, wreck families, weaken defences – and step into the breach.

  10. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Here’s another amusing datum on the topic. Young lad hangs himself after being accused of rape; a year later his mother does too. What punishment in that case? Oh, I dunno. Flaying, perhaps? Bastinado, the Pear of Anguish, then flaying?

  11. Craig Charles of Red Dwarf fame was locked up for months on remand on the say so of some bint he’d slighted.
    Rolf Harris appears to have been sentenced on hearsay
    if anyone knows better on this I’d like to know because the descrition in Libertarian View is scary as fuck.
    Harris appears to have stood trial in his 70’s accused of having a relation with an 18 year old, ah but remember he was 40 at the time. But all we can see now when this comes out is that he’s 70, she’s 18, women can’t differentiate and he’s lucky not to be hanged.

    These two men must have been able to muster more than decent legal firepower for their defences but it doesn’t seem to have helped.
    What chance the ordinary man who doesn’t have their means?

    There are men these days who go to pains to document electronically all their interactions with women (cf Ghomeshi). Funny that when they do and it saves their lives they are labelled ‘weird’.
    Similarly I’ve seen cases where women are asking for a lift to avoid the rain – response ‘Fuck Off’ it’s way too big a risk.

  12. Sorry – can’t help it.
    The only thing I’ve seen from Bindel, and that was an accident, was her describing marriage as a bad deal for women.
    Seriously what fucking world does this cunt live in?
    Marriage, even from the earliest of times was created to give security to women so that a husband can’t just walk when she’s no longer the best looking girl in town. It therefore civilizes men and women.
    Since then the screw has been turned multiple times so far that men now in their 20’s, even though they are at their most lustful are not getting married. Everything in marriage is now in favour of women and she still finds something to complain about – absolutely unreal.

    I’m NOT going back to check, but I think the nub of her complaint was that a woman has to stop shagging around to do marriage properly. I mean, boo hoo, you get married, secure your future, and then the hottest stud ever appears on the scene. What’s a girl to do? The man committed? Eh so what?

    Tim, if you look out for her stuff and read it you are a tougher man than me, I simply do not have the detachment required.

  13. Julie is a fat ham beast who boys ignore and ugly lesbians would go straight to avoid.

    Rule one: any public allegation of rape is false until proven otherwise.

  14. Research shows that police officers believe that 50-70% of rape allegations are false.
    source: ‘Investigating Rape: A New Approach for Police’ by Ian Blair

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