Mack Rice

Something of a haul of good songs here……

If you’re walking ’round think’n that the world owes you something ’cause you’re here
You goin’ out the world backwards like you did when you first come here yeah
Keep talkin’ bout the president, won’t stop air pollution
Put your hand on your mouth when you cough, that’ll help the solution
Oh, you cuss around women and you don’t even know their names, no
Then you’re dumb enough to think that’ll make you a big ol’ man

As a staff-writer for the Stax label …..well, yes, when the house band is Booker T and the MGs you can see that a songwriter might be able to have some fun……

1 thought on “Mack Rice”

  1. And when booker t became a headliner he left it in the hands of a bunch of studio musicians that would later be come to be known as “the wrecking crew”

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