Mindbleach! Mindbleach!


Barack and Hillary ….post coital cuddle or what?

12 thoughts on “Mindbleach! Mindbleach!”

  1. That’s quite a grip he has got on her left hand. My bet is she went for his balls and he stopped her just in time.

  2. Gee whizz thanks Tim,

    you’ve had your cortex shit on and we’re going to endure the same,

    fuck you very much.

    BTW invoice for new laptop in the mail; I’m not cleaning it out.

  3. Barf

    To adapt the old saying
    You should try anything once, except incest, morris dancing or attending the Democratic National Convention.

  4. Is he protecting his balls or his wallet?
    Maybe I should subscribe to the NYT to get an ex cathedra pronouncement on this point.

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