Most amusing

Second, enthusiasm for conservation and improved farming practices is widespread until time, money, effort and/or some impact on western choice and convenience are requested.

Bit of a shock really, isn’t it? People like nice things but can balk when the cost becomes apparent?

Who would have thought it?

3 thoughts on “Most amusing”

  1. Still this prattling on about how wasteful modern food production is, when it is more efficient than the old system. Quicker transport, refrigeration, effective packaging etc all decrease wastage.

    Its flaw is to be so efficient that we can actually count the wastage, instead of not knowing as we used to.

  2. Bloke in Costa Rica

    The corollary is that it is only those economic systems that generate surpluses that allow people to give a tuppeny fuck about green frippery. Those economic systems are not generally the ones which the eco-freaks favour.

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