Mr. Redacto? Report for your beating please

Hillary’s choice or running-mate upsets the left


6 thoughts on “Mr. Redacto? Report for your beating please”

  1. On the other hand, ‘Ritchie then political analyst’ apparently doesn’t require either correction or for Tim to beat himself.

  2. Redacto here. Ouchy. We’ve all done that one, unfortunately. Glad to see, Tim, that you have moved to a better class of newspaper.

  3. So you maximise your utility by minimising your accuracy.

    Tim seems to do it by not spending time correcting trivial mistakes on this blog (he will correct or at least acknowledge errors on Forbes) – a very different thing than getting your premises, axioms and deductions wrong, a le LHTD.

  4. I once saw (local paper) a tv review iof a journey through China which contained the following: ‘The programme, which was conveniently divided up into bite size chinks, …’

    You’d wonder how this happens, but then pilots crash aircraft.

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