My word this is one hell of a shock, isn’t it?

They may enjoy looking after their children while their wives go out to work.
But house husbands may pay a high price for their modern take on marriage.
Research shows that couples are more likely to divorce when the man does not work full-time.
The US researchers say that while the gender stereotyping of women has relaxed, men still suffer from the expectation that they should be the breadwinner.

3 thoughts on “My word this is one hell of a shock, isn’t it?”

  1. I only scan read, but it seems to just say that the man not working makes divorce more likely.. not the man not working where the woman does.. so is it maybe just a rubbish spin on the finding that divorce is more prevalent amongst under-employed couples?

    Also, it’s not telling me who is divorcing who.. and/or why. Is wifey dumping her pathetic hubby? Or has hubby used his free time to pick and choose from the bevy of stay-home mums who find his choice to be deeply appealing? Because the only guy outside the school gates every afternoon is going to get a LOT of attention.

  2. Another factor is that men who aren’t working actually have more time to spend with their wives. That’s never good for a marriage.

    Yes the divorce rate is lower for higher-income couples (or better-educated couples, or couples who married later – they’re all proxies for the same thing). But:

    The study also revealed that a woman having a full-time job doesn’t raise her odds of going to the divorce courts

    It’s the Daily Mail a British newspaper, don’t expect either accurate reporting or a true representation of the facts.

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