Not quite what the informed gossip says

Oddly speaking at such an event was not listed amongst the reasons why City University appointed me as Professor of Practice in International Political Economy, which is the role I really wanted last September, and which I got for reasons wholly unrelated to Corbynomics

Rather, the fuss about Corbynomics and the chuntering about the immediately arriving peerage is what led to the one day a week appointment.

Allegedly, according to the informed gossip.

18 thoughts on “Not quite what the informed gossip says”

  1. He says he is carrying on into year 2. I would be interested in student feedback. I hope he has some corbyn supporters among his pupils.

  2. Professors of Practice are people who are thought to have some relevant experience but lack relevant academic qualifications. How does the Murphatollah meet the requirements?

  3. One can only imagine the deep sense of regret that has descended upon those who hired him… Made all the worse that it’s now clear that the closest Ritchie will ever come to being a peer is if someone attempts to tie a boat to him.

  4. Dennis

    Splutter, splutter, giggle hah! hah!.

    The pendant in me admires your ‘mis’use of the word to make the image.

  5. Knowing City they way I do, it’s probably permanent. Though I’ve never managed to find out how he got a professorship, rather than just a visiting gig. Given his lack of credentials or credibility in the real world. The International Politics department is full of lefties though so he’s a good fit and he publishes with the Course Director. However, no one I know at City who’s actually met him, has a good word to say about him or his ego.

  6. Blimey, a septic who know those two. Respect Mr, Peasant, RisPECT.

    Tales of Old Dartmoor…….

  7. The City job was of course advertised and subject to an open and transparent recruitment process?

  8. I thought professors had tenure?

    Well, in the UK it has always been subject to their employment contracts (those not being a normal USian thing). And a quick Google shows it expiring as a theoretical concept in the late 1980s (again, as far as the UK is concerned.)
    However, I’m not aware of any actual employed academic being sacked for their position on academic matters (and even the sexism at conferences nonsense has been against emeritus worthies?)

  9. Dennis the Peasant

    I have about 110 episodes of The Goon Show on CD. Favorites include: The Call of the West, 1985, The Spanish Suitcase, and especially… The House of Teeth and The Canal (both with the wonderful Valentine Dial).

    What the hell is a “septic”?

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