Not sure I’d quite put it this way

Ex-KKK leader David Duke cites racial tensions in US as he runs for Senate: ‘My time has come’

But it’ll be an interesting trial of the times, won’t it?

Yes, obviously, there’re real proper racists around but that’s not a big enough to to get elected )otherwise it would already have happened, obviously). But have the Black Lives Matter nutters pissed off enough people that the reaction will elect him?

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  1. As David Duke himself said

    “I’m not anti-black, just pro-white”


    Seriously though, he genuinely is a racist bigot and people shouldn’t vote for him.

  2. He doesn’t have the backing of the Republican party machine, so I presume he doesn’t stand a chance.

  3. So BLM is not a legitimate protest movement now? Twat!
    BTW why is it that the British press obsesses about American elections?Perhaps because is it is an authentic right-wing freak show from which much can be learnt about not having any health service and having a permanent race war instead.
    BTW Trump seems to be adopting fear of immigrants as a campaigning strategy from our glorious political system ( which seems to be a lot of brutally uneducated public school boys telling lies which affect the whole future of the country).

  4. Er, now cops are shooting unarmed people lying on the ground in a surrender pose. I think blm have a point!

  5. @DBC, ” much can be learnt about not having any health service ”

    I presume you must be talking about the cartoon USA in your head, rather than the real one sandwidged between Canada and Mexico here…

  6. @Bloke in Germany: Yes, Mexican cops (who are in the US for some reason) are shooting people lying on the ground in a surrender pose. Your point?

  7. The BLM lot may contain some nutters, but overwhelmingly it’s not made up of nutters – at least in the US. The US unquestionably has a big problem with racist/prejudiced police shooting people because of their skin colour.

  8. OK. I cant believe this needs to be said but the US police are not racists – they’re cunts to everyone.

    There are loads of cases of innocent white people being killed in ridiculous situations but they receive no coverage as the US press has a narrative to stick to.

    Look at the statistics – they show police are less likely to shoot a black suspect than a white one given the number of interactions.

    But that’s OK – lets just assassinate cops. The fact that the “Ferguson effect” has resulted in a 15% rise in the murder rate in the major cities – and guess who makes up that 15%.

    And I think its telling that our resident fuckwhit lefties come out in mass. The same fuckwhit lefties who want the police to lock people up for using bad words and having bad thoughts. You hypocritical cunts.

  9. Look at the statistics – they show police are less likely to shoot a black suspect than a white one given the number of interactions.

    This is only correct when you control for violent crime. Black suspects in non-violent crime do get a significantly worse deal than white equivalents.
    Although the stats are all a bit of a mess because of variability in the categorisation of Hispanic criminals / suspects.

  10. Flubber>

    The US police are indeed cunts to everyone, but they’re much more cunty to ‘black’ people – even when they’re ‘black’ themselves. I’d hesitate to call it racism, so much as prejudice: the pigs aren’t going out and shooting black people because they hate them, but because their preconceptions lead them to think it’s justified.

    What’s undoubtedly true is that most police in most places are prejudiced against the poor, and it’s also true that in the US the legacy of slavery and apartheid is that black people are far more likely to be poor than they should be. For that reason, the police end up shooting lots more black people than they should.

    Normally special pleading on the basis of skin colour is wrong, but in this case the rate at which black people are being shot by police has gone beyond anything normal.

  11. Flubber>

    Oh, missed a bit:

    “Look at the statistics – they show police are less likely to shoot a black suspect than a white one given the number of interactions.”

    That is exactly what you’d expect if the vast majority of ‘black’ ‘interactions’ involve pulling over entirely innocent ‘black’ people for the crime of being ‘black’, while ‘white’ people are only stopped for actually committing crimes. You need the number of interactions with people who were later convicted of doing whatever it was they were stopped for, but a) the conviction rate is skewed by prejudice/racism/socioeconomic factors and b) that data doesn’t exist, as far as I know.

  12. You need the number of interactions with people who were later convicted of doing whatever it was they were stopped for

    I don’t think so. The police don’t know whether you are going to be found guilty or not. So how they treat you is dependent on what risk they _think_ you may pose to them or to the public.

    Here’s one attempt to do a data analysis of the WaPo database. It focuses on deaths from police activity, rather than shootings.

  13. “the US police are not racists – they’re cunts to everyone.”

    This. The race shtick is just covering the truth – namely that the US police are an out of control paramilitary/revenue raising State apparatus.

  14. @SJW

    “BLM nutters? You mean that despite all the videos, it’s madness to think that there’s a problem in the US with police shooting people?”

    You appalling racist. The problem is not with police shooting people but with police shooting *black* people. Otherwise the group would be called All Lives Matter – but as we know to even use this phrase is to invite excoriation by your fellow travellers.

    No one – certainly not you or BLM – actually gives a shit about black lives, or the focus would be on the thousands of blacks who get murdered each year by not-police.

    The US cops are very heavy handed at times, and doubtless some are racist and criminal, but I think you’ll find they live in a country where armed felons often respond to lawful requests by shooting the cops dead. I might be a bit jumpy myself.

    All you guys are doing is stirring up the anger and making it more likely that the cops will get jumpy or just that they will withdraw from poor black areas and leave the decent people there to the depredations of the gangs. Evil shitbags that you are.

    Divide and rule I think they call it.

    Anyway. Heather Mac Donald:

  15. By the way, quick quiz:

    1. Do US blacks murder and rape and rob whites at
    a) smaller
    b) greater
    c) fucking enormously greater
    rates than US whites murder and rape and rob blacks?

    2) If you answered c) Well Done!

    3) Given that the true statistical horror (all murder etc being terrible) is black on white crime, why does the US media and its general SJW cohort give so much attention to the terrible but objectively far smaller white on black crime rate?

    4) Is it because
    a) they are lying mendacious cunts working in a divide and rule scheme a la our own dear SJW
    b) weirdos with a self centred guilt complex
    c) ignorant of actual poor black people and the lives they lead
    d) all located miles from black criminals
    e) all of the above?

  16. Lincoln was right: the slaves should have been re-patriated after emancipation.

    Likewise our muslim community. Their ideology is incompatible with Western norms: they will not compromise, and they harbour some 100000 potential terrorists. Time for a resettlement programme…

  17. Had a discussion with a colleague who was pleased that police had been asked not to run a float at the local pride march because of the BLM demands.
    Pointed out the obvious that you can’t be inclusive by excluding people and that he’s there were gay cops etc who had as much right to celebrate as anyone.
    Also referred them back to Peel and some of his original criteria for a police force and the concepts of police as part of the community etc.
    Though in Canada the BLM lot have had to extend the definition to indigenous and other groups I notice

  18. BLM are CM SJW race-baiting cunts who have a terrorist bitch as their “inspiration”.

    That said the Lard-Arse Gang are well out of control and the bash the shit out of more non-blacks than they do blacks.
    Without having even the limited justification of blacks committing far more crime and esp violent crime per their numbers than any other segment of the US population.

    A pox on both their houses. Neither side will need much help to catch same. Both have been fucking ordinary decent Americans for years.

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