Now that is a good political joke

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar slams Trump by introducing himself as “Michael Jordan”: “I said that because I knew Donald couldn’t tell the difference”

I don’t say that it’s true or anything but it is a good political joke.

I always get the impression that Hillary would be a bit like Maggie.

Earlier, Peter Jay, the son-in-law of the then prime minister Jim Callaghan, had said that Callaghan saw himself as Moses, leading his people after long travails into the promised land. It was a silly thing to say, and Thatcher’s people seized on it. They wrote a line for her party conference speech: “My message to Moses is: ‘Keep taking the tablets.'” But she didn’t get the joke and tried to change it to “Keep taking the pills.” Only after it was carefully explained to her did she agree to the proper version.

Not just incapable of creating a good joke but not really understanding what one is.

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  1. Why would Trump *care* about the difference?

    Its like the rejoinder for when a woman is mad at you and tries to emasculate you by saying ‘I never came!’

    ‘I did.’

  2. What’s weird is – do they think Trump is actually watching the convention? I mean, who’s this joke for? Because he certainly never introduced himself to Trump that way – only to the people on the floor of the DNC convention.

    It would have been hilarious if he had done that in person, what he did was nothing more than take a swipe at a strawman he himself set up.

  3. @Agammamon

    It would have been hilarious if he had done that in person, what he did was nothing more than take a swipe at a strawman he himself set up.

    Standard leftie debating tactic: misrepresent or downright lie about your opponent’s position, then attack that position.

    ‘Cos, y’know, you’re all racists.

  4. If the Dems were intending all along to double down on this “all whites are racists” schtick, why the hell pick Tim Kaine ahead of Julian Castro?

    Their whole message is completely confused.
    “America is great because it is good! / America is riddled with systemic racism!”
    “Trump uses divisive racial politics! / Every day, innocent blacks are gunned down for sport by white cops!”
    “Trump is leveraging the politics of fear! / Trump would start nuclear war!”

    Thank God I long ago gave up believing politics was primarily a rational activity.

  5. Scott Adams had a reasonable point about “selling past the close” . Identity politics has got Hillary the nomination. To be sure of election, she needs to make some sort of gesture towards representing the whole country.

    Unfortunately the poisonous racial politics in America has made it fashionable and desirable to complain about how victimised everyone but white men is, and to gloat over the fact that “the country no longer belongs to old white men”.

    From what I can tell, fear of and irritation and this sort of rhetoric is part of what inspires people to support Trump. So Hillary at some point has to stop pleasing her voting base or risk cementing Trump’s.

  6. A lot of us think Trump not distinguishing between two huge basketball mutants, or even noticing their existence, is a good thing.

    Abdul-Jabbar’s hubris in presuming he is sufficiently famous is quite startling.

  7. Trump’s obvious reply should have been:

    “Bruce Lee kicked your arse Basketball and I’m gonna do the same to that crook Hilary”

    Trump 2016

  8. Had he introduced himself to Hillary, as Michael Jordan, I’m sure she would have said: “thanks for your support, Michael”.

  9. Interesting that you refer to Maggie’s um, let us say, inchoate sense of humour. One of her most famous sayings – “The lady’s not for turning” – was a pun by her speechwriter, the playwright Ronald Millar, and referenced Christopher Fry’s play ‘The Lady’s Not For Burning’. Rather predictably, the Blessed Margaret did not get it, and had to be persuaded that it would, as Bertie Wooster would say, go down big. Which, of course, it did. C.f. with Ronald Reagan, who really did know a good political joke when he saw it (and had the acting skills to pull it off). Witness: “The nine most terrifying words in the English language – ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help’.”

  10. Another joke Maggie didn’t get is her dead parrot joke about the Lib Dem logo. She wanted to cut it, but it was explained to her and she kept it in. It went down very well, even though she didn’t find it funny herself.

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