Oh dear lord…..

Hummus and other “healthy” supermarket dips are laced with high levels of salt and fat, it has emerged, as health campaigners have revealed some pots contain more than four packets of crisps.

Hummus is made with chickpeas. Of curse there’s sodding salt in it. Ever tried chickpeas without salt?

They’ll be complaining that bread has salt in it next…..oh, hang on….

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  1. ‘Around three quarters of the houmous products tested were marked with a red traffic light label for fat, showing that as well as being excessively salty, many are also laden with excess calories.’

    Oh, good grief!

  2. Three quarters of Telegraph articles shown to contain shit. Some feature as much as 75%, with only basic verbs and adjectives found to be shit-free.

  3. Same shite is reported in the Times. Anyone would think these products did not already have the amount of salt and fat on them.

    The Times also contains an article by David Aaronovitch, urging for bans on fast food at airports and rail stations, on chocolate vending machines in the workplace and on kids bringing ‘unhealthy’ foods into school plus fines for air travellers over a certain height/weight ratio (unlucky fatties and rugby players alike).

    It’s the only way to deal with the obesity epidemic, he says. Just as the smoking ban has brought benefits so large they are incalculable (no really), these measures are what is needed.

    I recently spent a lot of time in UK hospital visiting; the wards do not seem to be clogged with fatties I have to say, which (anecdotally of course) matches my suspicions that doctors ought to be thanking the fat fucks who keel over aged 60.

    It being the Times, most of the comments are very much in favour of more tax (including direct taxation for fatties), more bans and more government intervention.

    I am beginning to think that the cunt ratio for Times readers is actually higher than for the Guardian.

  4. Bloke in North Dorset

    So has the packet of crisps become the standard weight and measure for healthy food? And does that mean a standard packet, whatever that is, is OK to eat?

  5. Those expensive little pots of hummus in the supermarket deli section always provoke amusement. Back in London I’m peripherally part of the Cypriot community. (Thanks to the ex-wife’s previous victim) The stuff’s essentially free. A large bag of dried revithi’s not much more than a quid & a big jar of tahina from the Turkish shop’s half the price of Tesco’s. Apart from the, stick it on to boil, cooking the whole process takes about 5 minutes for more hummus than you know what to do with.

  6. The Times also contains an article by David Aaronovitch, urging for bans on fast food at airports and rail stations

    To be replaced with what? Restaurants serving meals cooked from scratch taking 1-2 hours to prepare? Gonna have a lot of missed flights…

  7. Bloke in North Dorset

    It’s the holiday season so all the newspapers and broadcasters have left the C team in charge, which means even less critical thinking than usual*.

    This means the public health lobbyists and everyone else with dodgy statistics that they wan sensationalising will be queuing up to issue press releases. I wouldn’t be surprised if they get together and have a grid, a bit like New Labour’s.

    *A low bar, but they never fail to get under it.

  8. The only Public Health crisis appears to be one of mental illness. The country is in the grip of a hysteria about sugar.

  9. We recently bought a bag of (very good) crisps that boasted of being The Ultimate Hummus Shovel.

    Not that we used them in that mode: they didn’t last long enough.

  10. “I recently spent a lot of time in UK hospital visiting; the wards do not seem to be clogged with fatties”: that’s the opposite of my experience. The spheroids, of course, were staff not patients.

  11. Bloke in Costa Rica

    bis: I find I have to pre-soak the chickpeas (garbanzos here) overnight and then pressure-cook them for an hour to get them to achieve the right consistency in the food processor. But yeah, a pound of dried chickpeas, a few tbsp of tahini, some garlic and a spot of lime juice and you’ve enough hummus to choke a yak. Tahini keeps forever in the fridge, and it’s not all that expensive to start with.

  12. BiG, MC, dearieme, I had hummus last night and it did indeed have crisps in it, but only because I’d run out of bread. And Golden Wonder simply aren’t up to the task; I bet Waitrose are better.

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