OK, so, the start of the movie script is……

A 10-year-old girl is sharpening her sign language skills with an unusual student — her 7-month-old puppy named Walter.

The pair, who were both born deaf, became best friends the minute they met back in January.

“They’re the same,” Julia’s mom, Chrissy, explained in a video posted on Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA’s Facebook page. “She’s learned a whole other kind of love.”

And Walter’s learning a whole new way to communicate.

So far, the little girl has taught the terrier-chihuahua mix how to sit, ask for food and respond to his name.

“It seems like he’s picking it up,” Jamie Holeman, community relations associate at Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA, told CBS News.

So they’re out one day and they witness a crime and the crims see them doing so and hunt them down and they are able to beat the crims by using silent hand signals to get the dog to bite the crims on the bum so they fall out of the window onto a cop.

Shit, they’ve made fourth sequels to movies with less plot than that.

Actually, the entirety of French cinema has less plot than that.

12 thoughts on “OK, so, the start of the movie script is……”

  1. Good timing – I’ve just had Skippy and Flipper on the phone and they’re keen to be in the sequel. (And they utterly reject those allegations by former teenage groupies; different era, different morality etc).

  2. So says a monoglot Englishman who doesn’t live in England and has never watched a French film. Stunning display of ignorance even by your standards, Mr Worstall.

  3. Cocks head, regards nutter who has just entered pub, concludes it isn’t dangerous, resumes drinking.

  4. French cinema? Some bloke called Bip or Snot or something pretends to walk into a high wind or get shut in a glass box? And people from Milton Keynes pay to see it!!!
    Alexei Sayle.

  5. I sneeze in threes

    The films of French actress Miss Juliette Binoche usually have a well structured plot, knickers on, knickers off.

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