Ooooh, I didn’t know this about Nick Denton

The founder of Gawker Media, Nick Denton, faces personal bankruptcy after a US judge refused to extend protections shielding him from liabilities in the Hulk Hogan privacy case.

I knew that Gawker had gone into Chapter 11 but wasn’t aware that Denton was threatened personally.

Denton said in court that he has two assets, his equity in his apartment and his stock in Gawker. Denton owns about 30% of Gawker. The value of the equity of his apartment was not referenced in court.

What happened to all the money he made from First Tuesday?

4 thoughts on “Ooooh, I didn’t know this about Nick Denton”

  1. I don’t think he made anything much from First Tuesday, and presumably much of his income in those years went towards paying his settlement with the Financial Times.

  2. When Denton’s Valleywag went after Peter Thiel by outing his sexual preference, Thiel went about funding lawsuit against Gawker and Denton. They drop part of the lawsuit to make sure Gawker’s liability insurance cannot pick up the tab. The lawsuit included Denton and the editor of the now defunct Valleywag.

    Lesson, don’t pick a fight with a billionaire who values his own privacy. He has the means, resources and patience to exact his revenge.

  3. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Denton is a fistula and deserves all the misery he gets. And it’s nauseating to see the hyper-censorious Left wailing about free speech. None of Denton’s ‘journalistic’ output has had any more merit than someone smearing shit on the wall of a public toilet. And it’s not the government shutting him down. It’s his own psychopathology.

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