Our new Foreign Secretary

There was a young fellow from Ankara,

Who was a terrific wankerer.

“Till he sowed his wild oats,

With the help of a goat,

But he didn’t even stop to thankera.

Going to make meeting Erdogan interesting, isn’t it?

22 thoughts on “Our new Foreign Secretary”

  1. Yes, but the fundamental point isn’t that Erdogan is a bad person (he’s a strong authoritarian and weak Islamist – neither are good things but, for example, better him in Turkey rather than his equivalents in Saudi or Iran), but that having a law (particularly Germany but also Turkey) that bans criticism of a politician* is a very bad thing and well worth making fun of.

    It will be interesting to see Merkel squirming when somebody insists she has Boris arrested under an EAW.

    * Laws banning criticism of anybody, or even just taking the piss out of them, are bad. But banning criticism of just politicians is very bad.

  2. Nah, he just needs to stride into the room, hand outstretched, with a cheery “Morning, goatfucker!” and let the goatfucker’s translators deal with it.

  3. BoJo’s description of Hillary Clinton as “a sadistic nurse in a mental hospital” is spot-on.

  4. SE: you are an apologist for an immensely evil man who is taking his country back into the Dark Ages, overturning Ataturk’s dragging the country into the modern era. He is also stoking war against the Kurds and slandering the few remaining non-Muslim minorities and the Shia Alevi, who he is hoping to transform into the next wave of migrants into Europe. Compare and contrast with his predecessor Ozel who was trying and succeeding in unifying the country, gave rights to the Kurds and brought a modicum of peace to the south east, and laid the basis for a period of prosperity the goatfucker is trying to claim.

  5. Ljh,

    No I’m not. Having a fundamental point to the Spectator competition and Boris’s winning limerick isn’t a comprehensive assessment of the decay of the Turkish Republic.

    Yes, I stated that Erdogan is better than the Al-Saud family or the Majles-e Khobregān. But that’s a damn low bar to set.

  6. “Compare and contrast with his predecessor Ozel”: who also produces some wonderful passes for Arsenal.

  7. OT: Some interesting news from The Telegraph’s live feed of Cabinet appointments:

    Multiple sources have told me that the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills, the Department for Energy and Climate Change and the Department for Transport are set to be shut down. They could be replaced with two new departments – one for Infrastructure and one for Industry.

    One minister told me: “This is not a reshuffle, this is a reconstruction. This is a new Government. It is complicated and it will take time.”

    Already civil servants from other departments are at the Business department ahead of the carve up. Sources say university policy will go from BIS to the education department, while trade will move to Liam Fox’s international trade department.

    The Department for Energy and Climate Change would see its briefs split between the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and the new Infrastructure department.

  8. I like the fact that various foreign politicians and diplomats have been laughing when informed that Johnson will be some sort of skilful negotiator.


    I’m not going to criticise May too hard having sacked Osborne and sidelined Gove. But Johnson? In a diplomatic role? His only public skill is grandstanding popularism.

    Obviously his a clever, well educated bloke, and we don’t know his behind the scenes activities.

    But it only took Gove to make him run away from responsibility. How the hell is he going to manage anything like constructive negotiations?

  9. There was a smug twat, ma calls him Timothy
    A Worstall who writes painful pillockery
    His reality’s nonsense
    a dick of no consequence
    His flock watch himself wank to epiphany.

  10. pfffft.

    like that one up there ^^ is any better! The meaning is quite clear to anyone that can read.

  11. No, just amused at your smugness. You’ve taken the ball, you’ve gone home, now what?

    Forget that the ball ever existed?

  12. Bloke in North Dorset

    Gove out. That’s a mistake on 2 levels, he’d be useful on Brexit negotiations and definitely better to have him inside pissing out.

    I’ll be glad when this reshuffle is over, I’m missing the entertainment of Labour tearing itself apart.

  13. The Labour election farce is truly a gift that keeps on giving…and we’ve got it until 24th September 2016 when Jeremy Corbyn will be re-elected by the vast swathes of Militant…sorry Momentum supporters in the Labour Party.

    Might not get as much as last time, but I doubt he could lose to Angela “Let’s make political capital of Jo Cox’s death” Eagle or Owen “Vote until you get the right answer” Smith.

    At this rate I will have to see a doctor about my permanent schadenboner.

  14. It’s often said that Teresa May doesn’t have a sense of humour. The appointment of Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary proves that she does.

  15. Bloke in North Dorset

    Bit OT but I’ve been reading stuff about Hammond and wondering how mouth of the markets being “rattled” is a self fulfilling prophecy. If project fear hadn’t been so dire I suspect we’d have all been yawning about the markets correcting by now.

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