Possibly the world’s best business decision this year

Hal Robson-Kanu will return from Euro 2016 to a host of offers from clubs in the Premier League and on the continent. The 27-year-old, whose goal against Belgium on Friday has inspired comparisons with Johan Cruyff, is without a club after electing not to renew his contract at Championship Reading. He has, however, made full use of Wales’ remarkable run to the last four in France.

Quite apart from anything else as he’s out of contract any signing fee belongs to him and him alone (plus agent, taxman etc).


Jeremy Corbyn’s aides are refusing to let Labour deputy leader Tom Watson hold a one-to-one meeting with him, claiming that Watson will try to “bully” the leader into resigning.

Convinced of the mental strength of their man those aides, eh?

Mind you, I’d happily hand our knighthoods to people who prevented me from having to have a one to one meeting with Watson.

Nuke Paris Now!

Yes, this image does cause the horrors:


Hillary looking smug before breakfast just isn’t for the faint of heart.

But Trump sent this out and is being castigated for it. Why?

Donald Trump has found himself after tweeting a picture of Hillary Clinton over a backdrop of cash and a six-pointed star.

The use of the star, which has the same shape of the Star of David,

Fuck off twats.

Clearly, we must nuke Paris now!


Who could suffer such mockery of the Islamic Crescent to exist in our modern world?

It was indeed a grand joke

It was on The Mrs Merton Show that she asked with straight face of Debbie McGee, the much younger wife of the magician Paul Daniels: “So, what first attracted you to the millionaire Paul Daniels?”

That recurrent cancer finally caught up with her:

Caroline Aherne, who created, wrote and starred in the Royle Family, has died of cancer at the age of 52,

Ahahahaha – rerun the Austrian election on postal vote “irregularities”

BERLIN—Austria’s Constitutional Court ordered a rerun of the runoff round of the country’s presidential election, giving Freedom Party candidate Norbert Hofer a second chance of becoming the first right-wing populist head of state in postwar Western Europe.

“The runoff presidential election must be completely repeated in all of Austria,” Gerhart Holzinger, the president of the Constitutional Court, said Friday in Vienna.

How tight was the margin? And how much of that came from the last few postal votes?

Not a great job recommendation this

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OK, so spammer looking for SEO web work. Here’s the bit that’s not a great recommendation:

Hello, libertarianview.co.uk Team,

Hope you are doing well.

I thought you might like to know some reasons why you are not getting enough hits/visitors and conversion for libertarianview.co.uk.

I have absolutely no connection whatsoever with that website.


It’s a weird world when Mark Carney seems to be the one person able and willing to act on the UK economy. But we are, very definitely, living in weird times and as a result it is his voice that is giving indication as to what may happen next.

What we know is twofold: the Bank of England is likely to cut its interest rate. Already at 0.5% and with 10 year government borrowing costs at less than 1% this is the clearest indication that even if we are not yet heading for negative interest rates in the UK we are certainly following the trend in that direction.

Second, we will almost certainly have more quantitative easing (QE) which must mean that he thinks that there is a shortage of liquidity in the banking system.


1) So the Bank of England actually is independent then, is it?

2) QE is not about bank liquidity. Never has been never will be.


Put these two factors together and it is obvious that Ritchie is ignorant of what he speaks.

QE is a backstop measure when a cut in interest rates does not work and means that the Bank of England does, itself, create the money that the economy needs to keep functioning.

Nope, it’s an attempt to lower long term interest rates.

That both measures were mentioned in the same speech clearly indicates that Mark Carney has little confidence that interest rate adjustment work: it is symbolic rather than effective.

Nope, QE is how the bank affects long term interest rates.

This puts us back in the position we were in in 2010. QE will pump money into the economy, but the reality is that the vast majority that will go into speculative activity, will support financial trading, will boost bankers’ bonuses, and will preserve the integrity of bank balance sheets, which is, however, an objective that could be much better achieved by the government taking direct stakes in their share capital instead using the same money.

No, it will lower long term interest rates. Safe assets become more expensive as the BoE buys them, yields fall (the same statement) and thus people move out along the risk curve in search of yield. Thus lowering those long term interest rates in the private sector of the economy.

That’s how it worked last time and that’s how it is supposed to work anyway.

This is why Colin Hines and I created the idea of what we then called Green Quantitative Easing in 2010, which is probably best explained here. Jeremy Corbyn did, of course, rename this as People’s QE but the essence did not change.

In this alternative form of QE the money created by the Bank of England is provided to a National Investment Bank to inject into the real economy. In other words, it funds new investment. In the short term that could be infrastructure repairs. It could also be investment support to businesses. That investment in business can either be in equity capital or by way of loans. In this way the risk that the money will be used to fund speculation and not to promote real economic activities is avoided: the banks as middlemen are cut out.

That’s not QE though, that’s straight printing of money to spend. The Magic Money Tree in fact.


Your guide to Ramadan fasting

Interestingly sensible, once one has absorbed the basic idea of daytime fasting through Ramadan:

Ruling for person unable to observe fast?

Dr. Ali Ahmed Mashael: If a person is unable to observe fast, he has to feed one poor person for each day that he didn’t fast. But, it is better to observe fast.

What is the ruling on fasting for those who are constantly travelling and not staying at a place for a long time.

Dr. Ali Ahmed Mashael: A traveller is permitted not to fast if he travels over a distance of 78kms per day.

However, a seasoned traveller who does not get travel weary can fast.

If a person stays in the country for four days or more, he should fast and perform prayers.

But if he stays for less than four days, he should perform Jama and Qasr prayers and fast.

Earlier, travelling was not easy. But now travelling has become smooth so fasting is not tough even for regular travellers. So, it is preferable for Muslims to observe fast.

A very sensible observation that the world has changed.

What is the Shariah ruling as regards eye drops and injections during the day?

Dr. Ali Ahmed Mashael: Eye drops, according to Shafai’i and Hanafi, do not break the fast even if the fasting person can taste it in the throat.

This is because the eye is not a normal place for receiving food or drink, even if something reaches the throat.

The fast is broken through anything entering through open ports like the ear, nose and mouth.

Injections do not invalidate the fast, whether it is intravenous or intramuscular, and whether there is a taste or not.

These do not reach the stomach via an open port, unless the injections are used to assist the body as food and drink like in the case of a nutrient injection. In such cases it breaks the fast.

I grew up in a pretty relaxed Catholicism but reading around what the Irish Church of the 50s was like, for example, one can imagine very similar questions and answers about Lent or no meat Fridays and the like. I actually recall one monk teaching us youngsters (and it was youngsters) of a Lenten rule. If we’d given up sweeties for Lent (no, didn’t happen for me but….) did that mean that if we were given some for our birthday, which happened to fall in Lent, we couldn’t eat them? No, your birthday, and for example that of St Patrick if you were of Irish background (and very grudgingly, the Irish influence in British Catholicism being rather strong, St George if you were English, David, Welsh and so on) is a celebratory day, a Feast Day, and thus Lenten restrictions do not apply. That might actually be exactly the same as Shariah works, the answer being dependent upon which authority you consult.

The actual injunctions are different but the method of logic in reaching them is almost exactly the same. I can imagine Rabbis chewing over the same points too, or at least in the same manner.

Kevin Williamson whiffs one here

Unusual for him but he does:

But one of the lessons of Alex’s short life is that it is possible, even for children — even for desperately sick children — to do more, and to be more, through their labor and originality, which are, like the children themselves, gifts from God, to be cherished. If the city health inspector says otherwise, we should throw him feet first into the nearest deep and preferably cold body of water.

The millstone around the neck is important, that Jesus C bloke said the millstone around the neck is very important.

Wait for the other shoe to drop here

The criminalisation of sex workers in England and Wales should come to an end, a cross-party committee of influential MPs has recommended.

In an interim report published on Friday, the home affairs select committee, which launched an inquiry into prostitution earlier this year, said the Home Office should immediately change existing legislation so that soliciting is no longer an offence and brothel-keeping laws allow sex workers to share premises. While prostitution is in itself legal in the UK, such related activities currently are not.

Not wholly sure about soliciting myself, have a feeling that’s something that could usefully be retained as a petty offence.

Yeah, I know, odd. But something that people do complain about, and it’s fair that they do, is an area taken over by street walkers approaching all and sundry. Not in hte streets and not frightening the horses doesn’t sound unreasonable to me.

However, the basic thrust (fnarr, fnaar) here is fine. The problem is that it’s only one shoe, we need the other to drop:

With regards to changing the laws on buying sex, the inquiry will continue, and the committee will seek further evidence on the impacts of recently introduced laws in Northern Ireland and France, as well the model of regulation used in New Zealand.

I’d give you odds on that they will recommend the Nordic model. Legal to sell, illegal to buy. The idiots.

The English Collective of Prostitutes, which has been campaigning for the decriminalisation of prostitution and for sex workers’ rights and safety, welcomed the committee’s report. A spokeswoman said: “We’re absolutely delighted.

They’re laying a trap for you honeys.

There are estimated to be about 72,800 sex workers in the UK – 32,000 of whom are in London – and about 11% of British men aged 16-74 have paid for sex on at least one occasion. Sex workers have an average of 25 clients per week paying an average of £78 per visit.

So not 100,000 Vietnamese in the nail bars alone then?

And 95 million tricks a year? Call it 30 million adult males (close enough) That’s three tricks each a year. Or if only 10% ever go, then 30 per year from those who ever go.

But of course that’s absurd, it won’t be a 100% of lifetime participants taking part each year. Call it what, 10% of that? 1% of the adult male population are regular punters? That’s nearly one trick per day per punter. sure, mix and match the numbers as you like, maybe it’s 20% of lifetime users who are regulars, 50%. But it still looks very high as a number, doesn’t it?

Either that or there’s a heck of a lot of tourists involved. But even that doesn’t really solve it as some portion of that 11% of UK partakers will only have done so abroad.

There is a way to make these numbers balance out. Which is to assume that they’ve taken the punter and tricks number from the very busiest in the trade and then applied it to all. Work isn’t going to be 4.3 weeks a month, there’s an awful lot of part timers out there. Still difficult to work out the actual numbers but run it back the other way.

11% of adult males have once ever. Say that 10 to 20% of those are regular consumers. 300 k to 600 k once a week. 4-8 tricks a week for the average working girl. No, obviously that’s not the average workload of someone working full time in a massage sauna etc. But across all offering the service that might be a rather better estimation.

Simply cannot see 95 million tricks a year from 3 million blokes who have ever partaken as being correct.

Yes, but Dan, you’re the problem

Before Jeremy Corbyn, I would never have dreamed of joining a mainstream political party. Brought up in Wales in a progressive humanist family, my politics was totally alien to the endless parade of shiny careerist politicians who ran the show. My parents had long since torn up their Labour membership over the Iraq war and I was resigned to a political identity on the left without a party. To me and many of my contemporaries Labour was a party without a soul, whose leadership had poisoned the party with its blinkered pro-business dogma and their illegal wars.

But Corbyn changed all that: his distinctly socialist approach based on principled politics inspired me and thousands of others to come in from the political wilderness and join a party that we previously distrusted. I found myself and many members of my family, friends and colleagues suddenly enthusiastic and full of hope for the future. There was still the huge challenge of defeating the Tories ahead of us, but at least that challenge finally meant something. No more putting a cross in a box next to the lesser of two evils.

There’s maybe 5% of the population that believe this shit.

Not enough to support a mass political party……

Possibly quite true

Jeremy Corbyn has appeared to compare Israel to “various self-styled Islamic states and organisations” at the launch of Labour’s antisemitism report.

He said: “Our Jewish friends are no more responsible for the actions of Israel or the Netanyahu Government than our Muslim friends are for those of various self-styled Islamic states or organisations.”

But not quite what I would say, myself, at the start of an anti-semitism conference.