Pokemon Go is good for someone at least

I reckon this guy has made $40,000 or so in the past week writing about it. Then there’s this fool:

Pokémon Go is everything that is wrong with late capitalism

Err, yeah.

15 thoughts on “Pokemon Go is good for someone at least”

  1. The Inimitable Steve

    I’m not even sure I know what Pokemon Go is (something to do with virtual badger baiting?) but I reckon Teresa May’s gonna ban it.

  2. Interesting. How are you calculating that? ~4.6 million views of his Pokemon related posts translates into ~40K for him based on however Forbes pays or am I missing something?

  3. He’s not entirely wrong.

    The result is that the internet economy is increasingly transforming America into two parallel economies. Cities on the receiving end of Pokémon Go–style money gushers are booming so much that acute housing shortages are causing rents to skyrocket. The rest of the country has seen barely seen an economic recovery at all.

    Globalisation & the internet mean that (as Richard Florida wrote back in 2005) the world is spiky.

    Despite having correctly understood this, his proposed solution is to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs:

    taxing rich people in high-growth areas to fund expanded government services, wage subsidies, or even cash payments to people in slower-growing parts of the country.

    It’s always the same with these people, isn’t it?

  4. Yes, around and abut that. It’s not quite a straight calculation but it will be of that order.

  5. Is ‘late capitalism’ this year’s buzz phrase amongst the tosserati? Are they hoping it will be true if they say it often enough?

  6. Different strokes for different folks – yes, people different to me can have very different utility functions to me.

    But seriously…

    I guess it’s the millenial generation’s version of pteridomania. Those Victorians could have some pretty crazy crazes too! At least the ferns were for real, though…

  7. Until this week I had just about heard of Pokemon though had no idea what it was.
    Then on Monday there was http://xkcd.com/1705/ and thereafter it seems to feature in every news outlet I visit (even here now!). My conclusion: someone is really good at PR.

  8. ‘The rest of the country has seen barely seen an economic recovery at all.’

    I didn’t think they were allowed to say this (the obvious).

    The writer laments the loss of inefficiency of the past and the jobs it created. Bring back the buggy whip factories! Ticket takers should rise against Redbox!

  9. Gamecock

    If you look at the Green Party manifesto that is precisely what they (and the Corbynites) want to do – turn the clock back to the days of yore! The atavists are always with us

  10. “Smartphone platforms have created some jobs making apps, but app makers don’t have to live in any particular location. In practice, they tend to be heavily concentrated in the same big cities as most other technology jobs.”

    It’s precisely because they can be made anywhere that they generally aren’t in big cities. It’s much cheaper to run a digital agency/games company from Newbury.

  11. I see that Timothy B. Lee has learned how to do the “trolling for low information lefty dimwits’ hits” thingy…

    Probably learned from Matty Yglesias, the master himself.

  12. The arrogant presumption behind calling it “late stage capitalism” just reeks.

    Perhaps righties should start talking about the “late stage welfare state”, “late stage social democracy”, “late stage European Union”, “late stage Labour Party” and so on…

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