Possibly the world’s best business decision this year

Hal Robson-Kanu will return from Euro 2016 to a host of offers from clubs in the Premier League and on the continent. The 27-year-old, whose goal against Belgium on Friday has inspired comparisons with Johan Cruyff, is without a club after electing not to renew his contract at Championship Reading. He has, however, made full use of Wales’ remarkable run to the last four in France.

Quite apart from anything else as he’s out of contract any signing fee belongs to him and him alone (plus agent, taxman etc).

3 thoughts on “Possibly the world’s best business decision this year”

  1. Simon Kuper and Stefan Szymanksi in their book Soccernomics describe this as the “availability heuristic: the more available a piece of information is to the memory, the more likely it is to influence your decision, even when the information is irrelevant.”.

    They discuss the examples of John Jensen from Denmark and latterly Arsenal, blond players generally and even the miatake of the greatest manager in the English game. Alex Ferguson made the same mistake with Jordi Cruyff.

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