Scott Adams might be right you know

On stage on Thursday night, however, the tycoon was in control. As the crowd began chanting “Trump! Trump! Trump!” he leaned into the microphone and softly said: “USA. USA. USA”. The masses changed their mantra to mirror his. It was as if he was playing a musical instrument.

6 thoughts on “Scott Adams might be right you know”

  1. “It was as if he was playing a musical instrument.”

    People say that Duke Ellington’s instrument was really his orchestra. Ditto Jelly Roll Morton. So Trump is part of a fine old American tradition.

  2. The Inimitable Steve

    Jelly Roll Morton is the greatest old-timey American musician name ever. Hoagy Carmichael is well jel.

    I saw the Trump speech and it was excellent. What he said wasn’t as important as how he said it.

    He looked and sounded like a President of the United States. Any world leader would’ve been proud of that delivery.

  3. Despite all the dire predictions, the Republican convention went off with nary a hitch. Just wait to see what what the Sanderinstas do to the Democratic convention now that Clinton’s picked a white male moderate as a running mate.

    Takeaways: (1) Trump is as electric as Clinton is dull. (2) Ted Cruz demonstrated that he’s either (a) a phony, or (b) a dunce. (3) Absolutely nobody missed any of the Republican politicians who boycotted the convention. (4) Once again, the Republican Establishment has demonstrated it is completely, totally and undeniably ineffectual, irrespective of the task at hand.

  4. The Left have inspirational leaders, the Right have demagogues. The Left chant inspirational phrases in the name of Social Justice, the right blindly repeat their leaders’ hate speech, because they’re Nazis.


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