Obesity causes premature death, concludes study of studies

Not all that useful.

A large group of international researchers has attempted to overcome the problems of previous studies by analysing a vast amount of data collected in smaller studies, on 3.9 million adults worldwide. They found that even overweight people risked an earlier death than those of normal weight.

“On average, overweight people lose about one year of life expectancy, and moderately obese people lose about three years of life expectancy,” said Dr Emanuele Di Angelantonio, the lead author, from the University of Cambridge.

No, not really. Because it didn’t look at weight and life span. It looked at weight and premature death. These are different things.

9 thoughts on “Sigh”

  1. Ah, the good old fashioned meta-study. Making a strong chain from weak links. This one goes straight into the junk bucket. Keep reading the Guardian so we don’t have to.

  2. So if you are overweight, on average you’ll die aged 83 instead of 84 (or whatever avg life expectancy is).

    A nation reels.

  3. Bloke in North Dorset

    “So if you are overweight, on average you’ll die aged 83 instead of 84 (or whatever avg life expectancy is).

    That’s a year of pension, health care, social care and housing support saved.

    I call that win-win; they’ve enjoyed their life doing what they like and the rest of are saved some money.

  4. I heard that and thought: wow, just one year, I can live with that, easy enough to keep down to “overweight” and avoid “obese”.

  5. Gamecock, well if they were part of this metastudy then we know there’s a number of contrary studies that weight the result further in the opposite direction. Still, it could be worse: it could be a pasting from Wikipedia that quotes a metastudy.

  6. Bloke in Costa Rica

    As my Dad used to say re vegetarians: it’s not like they live any longer, it just feels like it.

  7. Since extreme poverty is associated with both premature death and being underweight, any such studies need to be handled and analysed very carefully. I am very surprised that the SJWs don’t adjust these surveys for the impact of poverty.

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