So Jezza didn’t offer that peerage then, eh, Ritchie?

Or, to put it not too unsubtly, it’s been an argument about whether ideas I have promoted (the Green New Deal to create jobs, tackling the tax gap to beat austerity, delivering tax haven transparency and People’s Quantitative Easing to fund investment) are what Labour is about or not.

Which is why I am now a little annoyed to be told I’m a Blairite when I have had to acknowledge that Jeremy Corbyn cannot (and may not even want to) deliver this radical agenda, when I wished he could.

For the record, I think that Owen Smith would deliver the agenda I have proposed: the hype Wearing offers in the second half of his article is just that, and wrong. It’s time he worked out fact from fiction. There is only one chance of a Green New Deal right now, and Jeremy Corbyn has never been near the idea.

Charles Pooter had nothing on this bloke, eh?

Richard Murphy says:
July 26 2016 at 4:33 pm
There is one and only appropriate term for team Corbyn


Yep, that no peerage he was chuntering about hurts.

Richard Murphy says:
July 26 2016 at 3:21 pm
And let’s be honest, it was also just the pure drivel I have come to expect from Corbynistas that I think shows an absolute lack of judgement or ability to think critically in any way

If you honestly think Owen Smith is Tory lite, or a neoliberal then you left your ability to appraise a situation behind long ago

But there’s always another chance, eh?

Carol Wilcox says:
July 26 2016 at 8:44 pm
Jeremy Corbyn is not an economist. He’s a trade unionist, a pacifist and an internationalist. John McDonnell deals with the economy – as he has been doing for many, many years.

Richard Murphy says:
July 26 2016 at 8:56 pm
But he isn’t

That’s the problem

Although it’s true that bridges can be burnt prematurely…..

21 thoughts on “So Jezza didn’t offer that peerage then, eh, Ritchie?”

  1. Bloke in Costa Rica

    He’s made throne-sniffing practically his full-time occupation lately. Of course it’s a bit sad when the people you’re toadying to don’t want to give you the time of day. Did I say sad? I meant fucking hilarious.

  2. He’s a dispicable cunt really. Whilst it’s delicious watching him do this to himself you have to conclude he’s mentally ill.

  3. He reminds me of Alan Partridge in the just kicked off the BBC stage of his career (without the earlier success). I quite expect to see him chasing Jeremy Corbyn shouting ‘I’ve got cheese!’

  4. You people knocking Prof Murphy are just soooo sad.

    Have you no idea of his brilliance?

    I was going to tell you, but thankfully he did so himself on his blog:

    So read and weep:

    Richard Murphy says:
    July 27 2016 at 8:53 am
    Hang on

    I was involved with Downing Street in Brown’s days

    I advised Miliband’s team numerous times

    I have co-authored with Carline Lucas for years

    And written for unions

    And my ideas have been taken on board by the Lib Dems and Tories

    I have spoken to an SNP meeting this year

    And you say Corbyn was the making of me when in practice I wrote nothing for him? He borrowed ideas I had already written, and in a not very coherent way, without asking for my permission first?

    Please get real

    I owe nothing to Corbyn

    I regret that he might owe me a lot

    And as for joining a coup – what nonsense. I remain outside the Labour Party. I am more than happy for my ideas to be used by others if they wish – to even advise if they want. As I’ve just noted, that has always been the way I have worked with many parties

    Your problem is you have no grip on reality whether it be mine or anyone else’s

    I suggest you get one fast

    Especially is you want tax justice

  5. My goodness, these are some spectacular tantrums.

    He really should just turn his computer off for a few days and go for a walk.

  6. It is quite fun pointing out to Murphy that a GAAR existed in Canada in the 1980s and that CBCR was put forward in the extractive industries years before he wrote about it so his claims to have invented both are absurd. Although he never publishes there posts I can imagine his tantrums as he reads them.

  7. Yes fuck off Murphy:leave it to the experts like Cameron ( hugging animals will make the economy more productive) and Osborne who screwed the economy with Austerity then suddenly changed his mind and wandered off looking for gigs lecturing on Tory Economic competence.

  8. @DBC Reed. Are you seriously arguing for even a second that the fruit-loop ideas of Murphy should be put in to practice?

  9. The Meissen Bison

    He borrowed ideas […] without asking for my permission
    I am more than happy for my ideas to be used by others

    It’s remarkable that someone possessed of the prof’s generous embonpoint can manage to eat his own tail.

  10. CBCR was put forward in the extractive industries years before he wrote about

    Indeed, to the point that some countries – Angola, for example – made it illegal.

  11. Thanks for that JP: the Murphatollah is certainly getting himself into a spectacular rage.

    If there are Momentum thugs in Ely, he can probably expect a brick through his window.

  12. Whatever led this strange man to possibly believe that writing a few blog posts could make him eligible for a peerage?

  13. We live in strange and wonderful times.

    The UK votes for Brexit, resulting in a collective psychological breakdown of the snowflake generation, the US seems poised to vote for President Trump, thus triggering an similar tsunami of Leftist mental anguish, the Labour Party is undoing the last 150 years and condemning itself to electoral destruction, and as the icing on the cake RM is lowering himself into oblivion with every post he writes, seemingly oblivious to the fact.

    All I need to happen now is for the EU to collapse entirely and I can die a happy man.

  14. @Jim, the times are so wonderous that I have lived to see the Left and the Grauniad worrying about the health of big business – and all it took was the Brexit vote!

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