So, Pokemon Go question

I sota understand roughly… wander around, the phone’s geolocation tells the phone where you are, so a map unrolls in the game and then you find the critters.

OK, so, are the critters in the same locations for everyone’s map?

And if so, when does someone post a map external to Pokemon showing all the locations?

Then reason for this question. We’ve a toolkit that makes it easy to place location data on a map. For example, take a picture, the app reads the geolocation, that image automatically posted to map. Woo hoo, right? We’re looking around for something to showcase it, an application for it. Fix My Street sort of thing perhaps (have vaguely talked to them). Pokemon, if it’s possible to work out where the critters are seems like a reasonable idea.


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  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    No idea, but I loved the advice not to go looking for them in minefields.

    I suspect that this craze is going to generate a large number of candidates for the Darwin Awards.

  2. Yeah, same for everybody. They (Niantic) have just used the existing map data that they had for Ingress, their first game, so any online Ingress resources should also be useful for Pokemon.

  3. The greatest app ever created for culling the cannon fodder. Stupid people with their heads buried in their phoned walking under cars, into lamposts, into rivers etc etc.


  4. Dioclese, I have oft commented that The Walking Dead is not a work of fiction, but allegory.

  5. > Metal detecting for hipsters.

    As with any hipster fad, it’ll be old hat by the end of the summer. Is anybody still playing Angry Birds or Candy Crush or any of the other must-have video games of the smartphone decade?

  6. Ian B, I bought a Rubik’s cube recently – and now it’s gathering dust, half-completed. No halfhearted retro for me.

  7. I spend too much time on Southern Trains, or not on them, as it were, so Candy Crush level 920 or thereabouts.

  8. Not sure if anyone’s still looking this far back, but someone’s successfully built a bot that can play the game for you. I got it up and running last night and have my trial account up to level 13 after 4 hours or so of playing (it’s already higher than my actual account).

    If anyone wants either help to figure out how to use the bot or to have me level them up a trainer so they have a little headstart, let me know.

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