So, who knows about ad networks?

Internet or web ad networks that is. Got a little idea (a clone of that Pokevision thing, got it working) and obviously want to slather it with ads.

Google Ad Words, obviously.

Doubleclick? Facebook? Who actually are the ad networks?

10 thoughts on “So, who knows about ad networks?”

  1. Surely someone at Forbes can answer the question. Then again maybe they just use every script they can find because they actually have no clue.

  2. The Pedant-General

    “GAFA” is the new acronym you need Tim.

    Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon.
    With exception of Google, mostly “walled gardens” but those 4 control like the whole internet innit. As Anon says. 🙂

  3. Google AdSense.

    *Google acquired AdMob a few years back and so now dominate in both web and mobile.

  4. In other, other news Gary Johnson is virtually tied with Clump in a recent Utah poll. The success of Brexit, well the vote at least, gives me hope we might have our own election day miracle here in the states.

  5. We’ve used Facebook a fair bit recently, spending a few thousand dollars. I am not an FB fan (though I have a personal page I last updated in 2012) but their ad targeting is very good and you can scale quickly once you have done your testing.

    You essentially set up a product page (for free) and then promote individual posts to your target audience. You can choose country, device & declared interests etc. – even time of day.

    Reporting is good, and you can set ad and overall limits. As with everything with FB, the UI is hard to follow (at least for me, but then I’m an IT professional) and every time you go back, they seem to have changed something.

    Best thing is if you make you product page engaging, and update it often, you can get organic traffic too. Competitions work well, we find (win a T-Shirt, iPhone etc.).

    We have had good results with promoted tweets too, but our target audience is mostly not on Twitter.

    Also OK for mobile has been Buzz City ( Targeting not so good as FB (though still usable), rate a bit lower, better for some countries than others.

    I haven’t used Google Adsense for years, though was happy with it when I did.

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