Spell checker! spell checker!

About the disappearance of moules mariniere due to climate change and ocean acidity:

Currently around 20 per cent of mussels fall and are lost on the sea floor due to weak attachments, but Prof Carrington said once coastal waters dropped below 7.6 pH, the proportion was projected to double to 40 per cent.

“At 40 per cent mortality it’s probably no longer a viable business,” she said.

“Farmers would have to send divers down to set up nets to catch everything that fell off, and even then the crabs would be able to get in at low tide.

“They might even have to move the muscles into different waters to survive, which would make it too difficult.”

Perhaps too much reliance on the mechanical spell checker and not enough on the human?

12 thoughts on “Spell checker! spell checker!”

  1. An once the sea level rises above 35 Celcius they will come ready cooked….Post Hoc ergo procter hoc and all that.

  2. “They make their attachment threads in a grove which runs the length of their foot”

    Those must be very small trees……

  3. Once yadda yadda…the proportion was “projected” to do something or other…

    No doubt this is based on a computer model.


    But they’ve got their headline, I suppose.

  4. Professor Gissajob is talking out of his arse. As a former commercial diver I can assure you that mussels will grow anywhere, except on constantly shifting sand. I laid a cable (plastic coated, designed not to harbour marine life, because the tide might shift it) and inspected it a year later, to find…. mussels on it.
    The offshore oil industry (putting shit in the sea, having fishing exclusion zones, etc.) has done more for biodiversity than these chin strokers from Crap-uni-that-used-to-be-a-poly ever will.

  5. Bloke in Costa Rica

    For “ocean acidification” read “ocean getting slightly less alkalinidification”

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