Teddies, pram….

Richard Murphy says:
July 26 2016 at 3:49 pm
I walked away from McDonnell because I saw the contempt he had for those appointed to his team and knew there was a dsisaster in the making, as there has been

My bitterness is that Corbyn and McDonnell I have so badly failed those who trusted them

I have changed not an iota

I advised Miliband, Corbyn, McCluskey, Lucas, Osborne and Cameron (when he borrowed country-by-country reporting) alike because they wanted my ideas

Most have used them well

Corbyn has not

And please note his entire economics advisory team have walked away

Do you really think he’s going to find another one?

Get real

The problem being that there’s a limited number of prams to throw things out of.

19 thoughts on “Teddies, pram….”

  1. CBCR was out forward for the extractive industry at least a couple of years before Murphy mentioned it and the idea of a GAAR was around for decades before Murphy thought of it. He is so full of BS.

  2. The Corbynistas may after all be performing a valuable service.

    The idea that Left = Nice, Right = Nasty is pretty seriously entrenched these days.

    Team Corbyn are helping to reverse this (the Thangam Debbonaire was particularly revealing).

  3. Well Cameron did publicly mock him and his stupid little book at the Tory party conference. Maybe that counts as having advised?

  4. And please note his entire economics advisory team have walked away

    No they haven’t. “We will be honoured to advise the Labour Party in the future, should our advice be sought once the current situation is resolved.”

    The Economics Advisory Committee was a very good idea: in general politicians (and hence ultimately voters) should determine the goals and priorities, and technical experts should advise on the means. I hope the next Labour leader, whether or not it’s Corbyn, makes full use of it.

  5. This is why I’ve largely given up watching Television news and current affairs programs, (and indeed any other programs).

    The strain of constantly advising all those politicians, celebrities, media people and sundry others regarding what their next action should be and how to accomplish it was taking a toll of my health.

  6. Bloke in Costa Rica

    His delusions of grandeur are getting more and more florid. Now he thinks he’s John the fucking Baptist. “I am the voice of one crying in the wilderness, Make straight the way of the Lord.”

  7. SJW

    Advise on the means, or tell the politician to stop being a Wally and get serious and that he can’t achieve what he wants and definitely not that way.

  8. He didn’t give the impression last year that he walked away from McDonnell and Corbyn with any misgivings whatsoever. It seems more likely that his funding was at risk. Notice how he ckeeps saying in that post that he does not work for the Labour Party. “My job is not to promote party politics”.

    In a reply to a comment, he states “The one thing I do expect will never go away is the word Corbynomics: I sl, forever, be associated with it”.

    “The team in question has been selected for particular skills

    I think it fair to say I have others

    And, as I have also made clear, I did decline a role because working at Westminster would really not suit me”

    Where did it all go wrong?

  9. Yes, it comes down to the speech that McDonnell made in Parliament on July 23 this year

    Second, he said I was never an adviser to Labour, not that he or Jeremy Corbyn ever said that last summer when it seemed they left the whole issue of economics to me and Jeremy specifically asked me to speak about the subject at three of his rallies. And it’s well known there was discussion of an appointment, but I decided I would rather be professor of practice in international political economy at City University instead, from where one of my close colleagues did sit on his advisory panel.</b

  10. I wonder why this shallow man attracts any attention. He used to go on about his £119bn tax gap and used to insist that all of it could be collected. Some years later he backtracked. CBCR was indeed foreshadowed by the PWYP and others well before Murphy appeared on the scene.

    I doubt that he ever met Cameron and Osborne, far less advise them. In his dreams he claims to have advised Labour but John McDonnell recently said in the House of Commons “He is not the economic adviser and never has been, because we doubted his judgment”. He may have met McDonnell but meeting does not constitute being a adviser. I once shook Prince Charles’ hand and spoke to him. Does that make me a royal adviser?
    This shallow man is a Professor but how many peer reviewed papers has he published and exposed his idea to experts for analysis? None that I can see and his books are second rate drivel – high on slogans and low on any analysis and practicability. He does not have any research training and must have secured his post because of his links or the money he can get from trade unions, Rowntree Foundation and others. I can’t think of any professor who would yap on about “my idea”, “I invented” and other arrogant claims because knowledge does not develop that way. Milton Friedman was able to develop his ideas by using the theories developed by his Adam Smith, Schumpeter and others. There is always a cumulative process and Murphy is ignorant of that.

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