Tee hee

removed George Osborne as chancellor without offering him an alternative job.

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  1. I wonder if that was because Theresa took against him in 6 years of Cabinet battles or because he tried to force her hand by letting it be known he wld only accept Chancellor?

  2. For both helping to unite the right and to send the opposition off into fits of apoplexy (popcorn time), Boris’s move is the standout one.

    And the key to that is that those who are non political actually do like him. Ie, it’s a much better way of reaching out to the centre whilst trying to retain your core – beats telling your core that they’re a bunch of fruitcakes or swivel eyed…

  3. I won’t say I’m warming to her, but no longer quite 0 K.

    Once upon a time we would have had cartoons showing May kicking Osborne (as a dog) out of the door with the caption “And take your smelly little mutt with you.” But we live in a more polite age now.

  4. Lay off the dog metaphor.

    If Osburke had the loyalty and sunny nature of most mutts he might have been a success.

    Good riddance to the smirking twat.

    Lets not get too fond of Cabbage-cow just yet. The Hammond creature is talking six years for Brexit including four waiting for the 27 turds to “ratify” it. So do they think we are still going to contribute to the upcoming mega-bailouts or accept Merkel’s Turkish import dirty deal with Goatfuck? While we are sitting around waiting.

  5. Fair point about the mutt.

    The sequence for leaving the EU is quite straight forward.

    1. Decide that you don’t want to be part of the New German Empire.
    2. Invoke Article 50.
    3. Spend a couple of years working out the details.

    May has managed to introduce sage 1a, we wouldn’t dream of leaving until everyone has had a chance to bend us over the sideboard. Oh, and would you like some more money?

    Bizarre. Still, I can’t believe it won’t be sorted by the next election, so I don’t know what to make of that six years stuff. At that rate we could find that others have had referendums after us but left before!

  6. Still, I can’t believe it won’t be sorted by the next election, so I don’t know what to make of that six years stuff.

    It’s already being backtracked on.


    In a series of media appearances to mark the beginning of his tenure at the Treasury, Mr Hammond also scotched the suggestion that Brexit negotiations could take up to six years, saying that Britain needed to conclude a deal “as soon as possible”,

  7. Just a thought, but this seems almost like a coup. Nadine Dorries’s tweet summed it up:

    “The posh boys have gone. It’s over”

    Of the cabinet appointed yesterday most (I think) were state educated to some degree or other and most have had real world jobs with varied experience. No old boys network here.

    It’s a crap way to make major political and geo-political decisions – ask your old school friends who are similarly blinkered.

    Definitely a plus so far.

    And Boris – he’s got to work with these folks as well as keeping his nose clean and his mouth welded shut. That seems a very cruel and entertaining punishment. No wonder he’s finding it difficult to crack a smile.

  8. Well that’s one family that is going to be £4,300 worse off by 2030. Osborne maeven have to draw up an emergency budget.

  9. Bloke in Costa Rica

    I knew Osborne was an even more mendacious little shit than is habitually the case for a politician when he ripped the guts out of any actual austerity* in that dreadful Budget of his, after having told everyone there was real belt-tightening ahead. Good riddance. Losing Whittingdale is a bad move, though. BBC delenda est.

    * i.e. where d(spending)/dt is negative rather than d²(spending)/dt² or even d³/dt³

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