Tell the kiddies, the nephews and nieces

The ASI is looking for gap year interns:

Backpacking around South-East Asia is great, but do you know what’s more fun?

That’s right, spending 4 – 9 months in the ASI office with all of your favourite libertarians!

It’s that time of year again: the ASI is looking for two new employees, to start in September 2016.

The pay’s just minimum wage which for central London ain’t going to buy a luxurious lifestyle. But the job is fun, they take good care of peeps in that office. For anyone who wants to try out the Westminster policy thing it’s a golden opportunity.

9 thoughts on “Tell the kiddies, the nephews and nieces”

  1. “For anyone who wants to try out the Westminster policy thing it’s a golden opportunity.”

    But presumably would be the kiss of death for a future political/political advisory or journalistic career of an aspiring left-winger?

  2. BraveFart

    In fairness are any such types likely to be reading this blog? Although the idea of ‘Lawrence from Guernsey’s’ offspring partying away with the ASI does strike me as quite entertaining!

  3. Perhaps young George Osborne might consider one of these positions? He still has a lot to offer, some say.

  4. Bloke in North Dorset

    IIRC Guido did a stint there but walked out over a spat about envelope stuffing or something similar. Doesn’t seem to have done him any harm.

    Apologies to him and them if I’ve got it wrong.

  5. Guido…….he went to do some envelope stuffing. As is usual, he was asked what he thought he should be paid for doing it. A large sum. Which was handed over without demur. And he was not asked back to do more.

  6. SE

    More than Worstall has, and I’m betting Ecks – though he probably had his taken away by the social services.

    I wouldn’t allow them to be sullied by the distortion of Adam Smith Worstall purveys.

  7. Gap Year is 12 months (or up to 14 if you include both summer holidays) – so why just 4-9 months?
    [Just curiosity – my boys graduated some time ago and the adoptive great-nephews/nieces are either older than my boys or too young].

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