That’s where the money goes

Wispy, thinning and suspiciously free of grey, François Hollande’s boring hairstyle has never been held to much scrutiny, unlike his wonky ties, which have their own website.

But now the balding pate of the French president is at the centre of an embarrassing scandal dubbed coiffeurgate after the weekly paper Le Canard Enchaîné revealed that his personal hairdresser is on contract for almost €10,000 a month, paid from the public purse.

12 thoughts on “That’s where the money goes”

  1. He hasn’t got enough hair for one haircut a month.

    E10000 a month???? (as you might expect there is no Euro key on my computer).

    There was a film called the President’s Analyst but the President’s Hairdresser must show we are reaching the zenith of political stupidity, greed and narcissism.

  2. I could continue to keep him looking like an ugly fat muppet for a lot less than 10k a month.

    A donner kebab diet and a daily touch up for the temples with boot polish

  3. when you think that twat could not be any worse, this comes out.

    He might actually get to a zero approval rating, as he was quite close already (I think single digit already?). Quite an achievement in reverse.

  4. €120,000 a year! Those French labour laws, eh. No wonder Remainers wanted us to stay in the EU. Over here, evil neo-liberals will push good honest hairdressers down to starvation wages.

  5. Two separate thoughts:

    – suppose it is a Good Idea to have a Presidential Hairdresser. Such could be properly security vetted. It would need to be available for travel anywhere at any time (for such are the demands of Presidential personal service). As a result, unemployable elsewhere, would have to sell or sublet his own hairdressing salon (surely a rather flash one). Then one might imagine that $10K a month is not unreasonable

    – suppose it is a Bad Idea to have a Presidential Hairdresser. Then the poor Prez would be forced to perhaps sometimes use local resources on his travels, with concomitant security risk. And perhaps at home select a small number of frequent hairdressers, so if one wasn’t available, another would be. At $1k per haircut every two weeks, the State could save quite a lot, on the face of it.

    But maybe security would be harder. Actually, not a big problem. What seems to be forgotten is that Presidents (and other elected officials) are *elected*. That is, in general, we’ll be replacing them anyway. So if one, tragically, gets blown to pieces by some evildoers, well, we were going to trade him/her in anyways. So no need for more security than for any ordinary citizen. Major reduction in costs…

  6. Bloke in North Dorset


    The President only travels for a few days, maybe a week at most, he can have his hair done before he goes.

  7. @BIT: or it might be cheaper to train someone with the appropriate level of security clearance to cut the President’s hair.

  8. Bloke in North Dorset


    You’re right, it doesn’t take long to learn to use a bowl and pair of scissors

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