The Scottish solution

A Foreign Office Minister has poured cold water on Nicola Sturgeon’s claim Scotland could get a special deal to stay in the EU as the UK leaves.

David Lidington, the Europe Minister, said the “clear legal position” was that Scotland has to exit the European Union with the rest of the UK.

Nicola, I’ve an idea for you. If you promise to leave the UK then we’ll let you take over the UK’s position in the EU…..”

10 thoughts on “The Scottish solution”

  1. The only Scottish Solution of any value is Whisky.

    The SNP are flying a kite. They would have to join ESpew fresh and adopt the Euro which would be an act of monumental stupidity as well as imposing Greek-style austerity on those who whine about and claim they can’t cope with the pathetic (and in terms of savings pointless) BluLab version.

    The Continental Spewers are also not likely to want to replace England’s contribution to their rip-off scam with Scotlands drain upon it. Even for a propaganda coup.

  2. I am quite pleased to see most EU officials respond to Sturgeon more with bemusement than anything else. Few seem to give her any sort of recognition that she is entitled to speak to them on behalf of anybody, which is good.

  3. Scottish commentators have spent the past few years assuring us that Sturgeon is a vastly talented politician. But it appears that it’s a lot easier to seem like Bismarck in bloomers when you have a majority as large as she does.

  4. And there is the answer. Create uk2, and sell it the good bits at a knock down price. The countries of the uk that so choose leave uk and join uk2. Job done.

  5. The Meissen Bison

    Yes, that should do it. England and Wales leave the UK and the UK adopts the Euro.

    Do we have to have the ghastly Scots in the Commonwealth or could they be made to leave that as part of the deal?

    Oh, and Balmoral and Glamis Castle become E&W enclaves.

  6. If the Scots would like to be in the EU instead of the U.K. then, as a democrat, I’d like them to achieve that. Ideally, in a way that causes maximum problems with the Spanish because I see that helping a few more people figure out who is on who’s side in this world.

  7. The Spanish won’t let the Scots back in. No amount of flailing from Sturgeon will resolve that problem.

  8. Andrew M, maybe not. Catalan independence is entirely in the hands of the Spanish constitutional court. The EU has eff all to do with it. Spain hasn’t withheld consent from Czechs, Croatians etc, so I don’t think Scotland should be much of an issue. Our finances will be an impediment to Scotland joining, yes, but independence on its own won’t.

  9. Bloke in North Dorset

    I can see Juncker et al trying to get a compromise through so that Scotland could join the EU in a belief that it is a dig at the English.

    I still can’t get my head round why they object to rule from Westminster but seem happy to hand over power to a bureaucracy in Brussels once the get. I suppose it misses out the middle man, but independence it ain’t.

  10. I have yet to work out exactly what the Remainers want that they perceive as only being available by being in the EU.

    We want uncontrolled immigration – well, we can do that by the UK government chosing to do it.
    We want to be able to buy/sell things from/to Europe – well, go on then, nobody’s stopping you. WTO rules make it illegal to do so.
    We want foreign governments to be able to overrule our government – hold on, I thought ScotNats were against that sort of thing.

    It seems to me that all the things they hold up as benefits from being in the EU are disbenefits. It’s like somebody saying: getting married is great, because once you’re married you’ll never have sex ever again.

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